Your dating video profile

Embed a YouTube video on your Flirthut profile

Photos can say a lot about you, but they can be limiting. A video profile allows you to express yourself and make a better first impression than any set of pictures would. Viewers can not only see what you look like, but they can understand your personality better than photos or text would allow them to. Now that might not necessarily be a good thing for some people!

A video profile is an expression of you so you can make it whatever you like provided it's related to your dating profile. Some people like to be funny and others like to be a little more serious. It doesn't really matter as long as the video shows who you are as a person.

A video profile can increase your popularity online significantly and it will be shown on your profile page for viewers to watch. This can increase your popularity dramatically.

To add a video to your profile, all you have to do is upload it to one of the big video upload sites - YouTube works best - and provide the 'embed' link. We'll then add the video to your profile page. Because there are lots of different video file formats, some which do not work on certain browsers, and to ensure your video is displayed on as many browsers as possible - on tablets and mobile devices - uploading it to a web-based video site means it will get the most exposure.

Example videos...

I'm Tony and I'm only interested in Italian girls who like my meatballs and my sausage.

A fine mix of old style dating profiles filmed in the 1980's...

I'm Randy and I want to find myself a fine Georgia Peach who can take care of my family.

Dating video profile guidelines

To help make your video profile a dating success, we have created a set of guidelines for you. If you follow these, you shouldn't go wrong:-

  1. Think about where you're going to record your video. The background and setting is important. We suggest you select a room or location that creates a subtle background that doesn't draw attention away from you. Do some test runs first to see what you look like. You can adjust the lighting in the room to suit your appearance. The simplest backdrop for a video profile is a plain wall but it's nicer if there is an object near you like a lamp, a plant or flowers to keep the video alive. Avoid areas where they might be too much background noise.
  2. Choose a device that you'll use to record your video profile on. This could be your phone, a dedicated video camera or you could even hire a professional. Whatever you use, make sure you can position it so that it remains still during your video shoot. People viewing videos that are jerky and jumpy will most certainly stop viewing very quickly. We suggest you use a tripod or rest your phone against an object.
  3. Test your recording and listen to how audible the sound is and how you are positioned in the frame. Ensure the video includes your face so that people can see your expressions as you talk. Make sure you sound nice and clear.
  4. Think about what you'll say during the recording. We suggest you use the following as a guide:-
    1. Start by introducing yourself and your first name if you wish to disclose it. First names are generally safe enough to disclose online and they also add a bit of personalisation to your video.
    2. Describe what it is you're looking for - the type of person you might be interested in and what attributes you'd like them to have (interests etc.).
    3. Describe yourself and where you're from.
    4. Finish of by thanking the viewer for watching your video.
  5. Keep your video profile under 60 seconds long.