We would meet at the hotel for our affair

We would meet at the hotel for our affair

Written by beesty, male, 42

She was irresistible and insatiable

She'd lay there waiting for me in her stockings and bra. The journey to meet her would fill me with all sorts of excitement, getting me hard and unable to concentrate on the journey easily. She'd text me her room number and I'd have to find it, trying desperately hard to hide my excitement from anyone I'd encounter en route. She'd leave the door unlocked so I'd burst in and be greeted with the sight of her laying on the bed ready for me. Her legs would open slightly as my mouth would excitedly head straight for her pussy. First I'd devour it over her knickers listening to her squirming with pleasure. Then I'd pull her knickers to one side and taste her with my tongue. She'd orgasm quickly but want more. I'd pull her knickers off to go in deeper. My mouth hungry like a wolf. I'd devour all of her until she'd climax again. Then I'd take my clothes off quickly and let her suck my hard cock until it was nice and ready for her eager pussy. I'd fuck it softly to start with. Feeling my cock gliding all the way inside her. I'd look into her eyes and watch her expression. She'd want more. She'd want it harder. I'd fuck her pussy harder and faster, holding her legs up in the air while I'd lick them. All I'd think about was shooting all my cum nice and deep inside her. And when I would, I'd make sure my cock stayed inside her until ever last drop was out. I'd pull out slowly and watch it all drip down her pussy and into the bed. Within minutes, I'd be ready to go again.

We'd fuck well into the early hours of the morning, probably disturbing other guests that had to endure the moaning and creaking. I'd stay with her all morning sometimes and other times I'd have to leave her there, filled and fully satisfied.

Created: 2020-02-28 23:11:21

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