Trash get down on your knees

I was on this flirt website and it wouldn't let me chat with other users and that's when my neighbor came over and she was DTF. I hadn't had any in like decades so I was hard as hell, I don't bullshit so I started taking her clothes off and she had this Victoria's Secret on so I put her down on the bed and plowed the hell out of her. Somehow my spare change came out and was all inside her and she asked if she could take a shower, and I'm a nice guy so I said yeah and I heard the change all falling in the shower. Yeah, I listened to her in the shower and I put it in her butt.

Written by SikSimon, male, 39

She came out of the shower and I was like so what you want to do so we got real drunk and did it again but this time my change didn't get inside her. I would write a poem about her but it was really just about the moment and I didn't really feel like writing poetry. SO like the next day she came over and she wanted it again and I was like sure sounds fun. This time she brought her friend who was all over my dick so it was kind of weird because I was trying to bang the original chick but I wasn't complaining. I was drinking Busch beer and I smoked some weed with them and offered them a beer. "Let's take it slow" I said but they were craving the D and I had no chance to down a few beers. So I was like look girls I'm just one man but they were not buying it so I banged them in succession and I remembered that it was raining outside and I was like yeah I made it rain on both of them. But I was still trying to hook up with the original one so we had a few more beers and smoked a blunt and it was pretty cool we listened to the cure, which I'm not sure if they enjoyed because they just weren't goth like me. It's alright I'm open to all kinds of women and I really liked this one chick and then later her friend went home and I banged her again right on the table. It was really nice and she thought I was like a machine because my Celexa makes me last forever, or else I am an occult sorcerer which is pretty possible. I wish I could have made love to this chick forever because we were sitting down again and started to watch a movie and it was sweet.

Created: 2020-09-09 01:09:42

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