The sofa fantasy

The sofa fantasy

Written by Telbull, male, 56

So there we are with a drink in our hands sat on a sofa. This occasion you have a skirt on which is just above your knees and you have stockings on. You lean back and cross your legs and your skirt rides up slightly showing more thigh. I instantly get a hard-on. I take your drink from your hand and place it on the table and then go to kiss you. As I do you, open your mouth and slide your tongue inside mine and explore my mouth fully, I am now throbbing. We passionately roll our tongues together as I gently put my hand on your leg and move it slowly up your thigh. I then gently coax you to uncross your legs so that I can feel the flesh on your inner thighs. Meanwhile, you move your hand across my jeans to feel my throbbing cock! Whilst still rolling our tongues, I slide my finger inside your knickers and feel how wet you are as you open my zip and take my hard-on in your hand. As you gently move your fingers up and down on my cock, I gently tease your clit so that you start groaning. I also then slide a finger inside you to find your G-spot and slowly work my finger round there! OMG, we were supposed to be making it a lingering teasing experience but the moment takes over and you just stand up and straddle your legs over me and slide down me so that I'm fully inside you. You lean forward and put your arms around my neck, and slide your tongue inside my mouth again whilst thrusting to and fro on me until you explode so that I can feel your warm wet cum slide down my cock and drip down my balls which makes me cum inside you! We need to go again and so this is when the whole body teasing starts but that's for another time to describe what happens next. Needless to say, I spend ages teasing your clit with my tongue and you slide my cock inside your mouth and use your amazing tongue!

Created: 2020-07-24 17:08:43

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