Step sister

Written by an ex Flirthut member

Me and my girlfriend went on a night out. She got really drunk and passed out on the bed literally straight away so I got her in bed properly and I took my clothes off leaving just my boxers and I laid on top of the covers. Anyway my step-sister came round and needed to stay in the same room as she lost her house key. I let her in then I went back upstairs and laid on my bed. She came up after 10 minutes and sat on the bed wanting a chat. She asked if my girlfriend was asleep so I said yes she passed out, so she moved up and laid next to me and put her legs over mine. I didn’t know what to do; she’s been my stepsister for 8 years. My cock started to get hard and there is no way of hiding it wearing boxers. She looked at me and laughed then she started playing with, baring in mind my girlfriend is passed out next to us. The next thing I know she started sucking me off. It felt so wrong but I didn’t want her to stop. After 5 minutes she stood up got completely naked and got on top of me and started riding me. We f*cked for about an hour, I don’t know how my girlfriend didn’t wake up to be honest. After we f*cked she turned round and bent over and backed up into my face and told me to eat her a*se. She was moaning really loud. After we finished my girlfriend woke up 10 minutes after and said "do you actually think I’m stupid, I heard and saw everything. I didn’t know where to look." She said "I’m not bothered anyway - me and your stepsister had sex last week." I couldn’t believe it. From that day on, the 3 of us have had a threesome 5 times I couldn’t believe my luck.

Created: 2019-11-09 08:19:26

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