Ravenous Rendezvous

Written by an ex Flirthut member

I seek she who makes me weak, against my own self restraint, heartbeat far from faint. 
Prepare now for action, pulse pounding, breathtaking, the feel of a downhill zoom, attraction, an angel of distraction.
My very life blood she does possess, she holds it, oh yes.
Inevitable is the heavenly nectar, it is truth. Forth I will bring her sweet fountain of youth. 
Astonished awe I strive to within her create. Little could she know that on this date control would be lost by the breach  I inflict upon her floodgate.
I sweat, close to panting, in a hunger fed craze, my mind is ranting.
Her reactions to my actions driving arousal & desire  through the roof. Of my presence, no way possible is she aloof.
Passion burning like fire, beyond simple desire, my need is dire. 
No longer a mere craving fueled by lust, it is just that I must... heed my need to feed. So damn good she tastes indeed.
Mutual mastery, late night shenanigan. Refreshed by restoration, oh that buzz of being young again. An art rather than simple action, quickly and easily the masterpiece with no caption.
Vocal and bucking, my face she began wildly f**king.
Suddenly a tremor, magnitude gaining, she was quivering and began quaking as she started melting, moaning, squirming, squealing and squirting setting me to groaning, aching, wanting so bad it was hurting.
An artist, my stroke, my entry precise, her ass I grip as I pull her onto me pushing into her, our bodies locked tight ,a sensual vice.
As the more  intense orgasm came to unfold, as if my first time it caused me to explode. 
No turning back, she sees now addiction is swift, appeased appetite temporary, entangled, toward slumber we drift.

Created: 2021-08-23 04:06:12

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