Outback Suite

Me and my friend go on vacation to get her mind off of her past weekend. Unexpected things occur but it was definitely fun ;)

Written by Wolfie6975, male, 34

This story is fictional - maybe.

My friend, we will call her Haylee, is my best friend and I dated her for a while off and on but we had been broken up for a decent period of time now. She met this guy online and he seemed like a good time - they met up as he drove down to see her all weekend. They had sex and then he went home next morning. The next week she went up to see him and he was a completely different person. He lied and completely ignored she was even up there most of the time. We were talking most of the night and I told her that I would take her on a mini-cation to make up for the him being a jerk and using her. The week passed and we were both excited and Friday we drove to our location where I booked our suite room.

Now would be a good time to tell about me and her. I'm a good 6'3" 150-60 and muscular but not overly so. She is 5'11" and around 160 same as me. She is a bombshell of a woman with 38 DD's and long legs. She's blonde with grey eyes that sparkle silver and her hair gleans rainbow colors. I'm around 7.5 to 8 inches fully and I've been trying to keep up my stamina to make sure the women I'm with get all the pleasure they can.

Back to the story however, the trip was uneventful we laughed and talked the whole way enjoying the AC and music. When we arrived at the suite we both loved the room. A Jacuzzi in the living room and the bed was nice and soft in a separate room from the living room. We both decided we were hungry and went to eat. Went to a burger place and then afterwards we came back and we were gonna go swim. I let her change first in the bedroom and I could see through the blinds her changing as she stripped naked fully. Shortly later she came out in a black stringy two piece bikini with the sides of her bottoms just strings keeping it together. I already was hard from seeing her change but the sight of her had me unloading in my shorts. She said it was my turn and I stepped into the bedroom and quickly changed but I had a big problem as you could clearly see I was hard. I stepped out of the bed room and she asked "Are you... Oh.." as she saw me fully hard. The head of my other head was threatening to poke through the top of my trunks. She just laughed and asked if I was enjoying the view. I said yeah shyly and tried to get myself to calm down. Shortly later we went to the pool. We stayed for a bit then went back. She wanted to go shopping as she forgot to bring another bra and the one she had was poking out metal. We went to the local mall and shopped around. She found a bra that fit her perfectly raising her breasts to make them appear even larger. It was hard to decide whether her not wearing a bra or wearing that bra was hotter. That night we got ready to call it a night and she started to run the Jacuzzi. We planned on relaxing a bit before bed and once again she changed into that sexy two piece. We talked and just enjoyed each others company then curled up together in bed for the night.

The next day went by uneventfully for the first half and when we got back that evening we decided to swim more then got in the hot tub. We sat on opposite sides and she let her foot raise up to my crotch and teased me a bit. She asked if I wanted her to feel it some. I said yes and scooted around next to her. She felt up and down my length and bit her lip. She stopped shortly after though saying she shouldn't since it was light and there were people around. I agreed and went back to our room. I thought the fun was over and she went to change, but I noticed she forgot to close the door so I closed my eyes to be a good guy and waited for her to finish or close the door. A few minutes later she walked out and sat down on the couch beside me. She asked why my eyes were closed and I told her. She said I could open them and there she was fully naked on the couch beside me in my trunks only. She asked me "Do you want to fuck me?". I said "Yes" and she slowly pulled my trunks down and began to suck on me slowly and building pace. We continued this for a few until she laid down on her back and I got on top of her slowly preparing to go inside her. She has a tiny hole that miraculously seals up again so it's always tight every time. We slowly ground against each other and I began to build speed until we were shaking the couch. She moaned loudly over and over again not needing to keep quiet like we usually did before. She screamed multiple times and amidst multiple cussing fits of how much I was pounding into her she orgasm-ed two or three times. I then turned her over and we continued for a while in this way faster and harder. She was pounding into me as I was her meeting each other in the middle - her breasts bouncing back and forth in their beauty. I smacked her ass a few times and she screamed in pleasure. I had to stop though as she wasn't on the pill nor was I wearing a condom. I pulled out and we smiled at each other. I was still hard and I pulled her down to the floor and got her back on her knees and hands. I spread her legs and got back inside her smacking her ass over and over as I pounded her shaking the floor and walls. We continued for a good thirty minutes until she couldn't go any more and she had ran out of juices to lubricate the friction of me pounding into her. I turned her around and I sat on the couch. I started masturbating with her in front of me inches away, with her occasionally licking my shaft. I finally exploded over her face and breasts covering her chest from shoulder to shoulder and her hair was now covered in me. We continued the rest of the night without sex but I know it'll always stay in my mind. ;)

Created: 2016-09-16 06:59:20

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