My love is true

Written by an ex Flirthut member

A long time ago, when we were young and free, we danced beneath the stars and kissed by the sea.
Our bodies close, our hearts entwined,
We moved as one, lost track of time.
The breeze blew soft, the waves did crash, we held each other, close and fast.

Our hearts beat strong, our eyes did shine, we were young and free, in love, divine.
The moon shone bright, the stars did twinkle,
We knew this night, our love was single.

Now years have passed, we've grown apart, but still my memories of you are true,
Our time together, I cherish through and through.
The night we danced, the night we kissed,
It's etched in time, I'll not dismiss.

Though time has changed, my love still burns, for you are mine, 'til the end returns.
So as I lay me down to sleep,
I dream of you, my love so deep.
And when I wake, and open my eyes,
I think of you, and it's no surprise.
That you're the one, who fills my heart,
With love and joy.

From the start, 'til we're apart,
We'll be as one, in the dark.
As time goes by, our love will grow,
Beyond the stars, to places we'll go.
We'll sail the seas, we'll scale the heights,
Our love will lead, through days and nights.

No matter what, I'll always know,
That you are mine, my one and only.
From this day forth, 'til time is done,
We'll be as one, 'neath shining sun.
So with this poem, I say to you,
My love is true, 'til time is through,

Forever yours, forever mine,
'Til the end of time.
And so I say, with my heart in hand,
I love you now, 'til life's last stand.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the words I wrote, my love employed.

I hope this poem brought you some cheer,
And that my words, you hold dear.
I'll always love you, 'til the end,
You'll be my love, my best friend.

Created: 2024-02-11 16:19:42

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