My first time

My first time

Written by DannyMan, male, 27

This story is about my first time. It was with this girl I met in high school. We were together for almost a year untill she decided to invite me over to her house. Her parents were away and we were home alone. When I got there I found her sitting on the couch with sexy black lace lingerie on. I found this so fucking attractive, I immediately had a rock hard boner. She saw that I was hard and she walked up to me and got on her knees and pulled out my cock. She said that she was wanting this for so long then she shoved my cock deep into her mouth and started sucking away. It felt amazing. In the middle of her doing it, I took my cock out and pushed her on the ground and told her I'm going to fuck her hard. She consented to it and I removed my clothing and her lingerie and I shoved my cock deep inside her. She moaned at the feel of my cock which made me want to go harder and faster. I kept going harder and faster and harder and faster untill we were both screaming in pleasure then she told me she wanted me to cum inside her and that she was about to cum and I told her I was too. We both came at the same time and when it was done, she climbed on top of me and started making out with me and we did it multiple times, always cumming. It was so amazing that words couldn't describe how I felt. It was the single best time of my life. I fucked her many times after that, making her squirt and scream in pleasure. We did it everywhere, her house, my house, over her parents car, in the streets, in a tent, and possibly everywhere else.

Created: 2015-08-30 04:08:19

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