Me and my girls sharing fantasy Part 1

Hi everyone hope you like this fantasy me and my girl wrote to each other.

Written by Hotshots59, male, 65

Still kissing you, I start rubbing your thigh while he is watching us. Then you jump a little and look because he is rubbing your inner thigh. Remember you have no underwear on. You start to move your ass closer to his hand. He gets the hint. But little do you know I already told him it would be cool to finger you. So he starts rubbing your pussy, finger fucking you. Now you're moving around and moaning trying to be quiet. I'm looking around and nobody noticed so I grab your hair and pull you back to me, kissing you while I'm still pulling your hair. I tell you to unzip his pants and jerk him off. By now you're pretty well into it. I'm trying to keep a look out but I need to put a sock in your mouth because you're moaning kind of loud. You spread your legs more so he can get to your pussy better as I turn to watch you. You look at me and go down to start sucking him so I move up and start playing with your pussy. We do this for a couple minutes then I said get up we were still at the restaurant. But you keep jerking his cock and we are both finger fucking you hard. As we do, you hear the cum moan so I know you're getting off. As you calm down a little, you hear and feel him ready to cum so you move to where you can watch him cum. As he does, I hear you moan and smile. He wipes himself with napkins. We get up, I pay the bill and we walk outside. Talking we invited him up to the room. My girl replies... I grab his cock and start sucking the head real slow and I see you're getting hard. As I watch you getting turned on I go down on him as far as I can and I can hear you moan lightly. I'm so turned on I reach up with my other hand and grab your cock and go down on it. You grab the back of my head as I'm sucking your cock and you say OK bitch go down on him. I do, but before I do you kiss me and cum and that makes me that much more turned on. I suck him real hard and just stop. I look up at you and tell you how much I love you and I beg you to fuck me. But you say first your going to fuck him and you tell him to get behind me. He does. And as he is fucking me you grab me gently and say, "suck my cock babe" and you kiss me right before you put his dick in my mouth.

Created: 2019-06-13 21:47:31

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