Hubby to Hubbette

Blackmailed, humiliated, sissified, cuckolded into the sissy cum slut I now am....

Written by Paws4u, male, 46

My marriage was great for the first few years. My wife Sandra was ‘bi’ but Insisted that we share all of it - yep, perfect.

We were fairly kinky and Sandra liked to let me explore cross-dressing. One night as we lay in bed tickling my then virgin a*se with a small vibrator whilst dressed in a lacy pink baby doll, D cup bra (with inserts) and of course delicate matching French knickers and suspenders, Sandra leant over me and proceeded to push her huge right breast between my pink painted lips.

As I gladly sucked at it she said, "I would love to see you sucking a cock like that."
"You know that's not gonna happen baby" I said, "I'm kinky not gay."
"Okay babe calm down" she said and that was what I thought was the end of it.

A few weeks later Sandra surprised me with a new outfit and the promise that that night she was going to make one of my best ever. So, duly bathed, shaved and in a small towel I sat there as she went to town on me, foundation, long lashes, pink glossy lips that felt 4 times their size, I could still see me in the mirror but like I'd been turned into a barbie, complete with a long blond wig in pigtails and pink ribbon.

Next was something new, a clamp was put on each of my nipples and a light pink corset was fitted around my body and just before it was tightened, my D cup forms were added. The effect was indescribable. My nipples became extremely sensitive so when Sandra gave them a quick stroke I couldn't help but gasp.

On went a lovely pair of light pink stockings with bows on them and I stood as instructed as Sandra clipped them to my corset. I glanced at the mirror and saw how I had curves in all the right places and as my dick started coming to life I felt the familiar feel of lacy panties containing it.
After that I saw what the final pieces to my make over was to be; a cute little pleated schoolgirl skirt and tight blouse that would only button up to just under my bust line. I felt f*cking sexy. It was then time for a drink. Sandra made me a nice and strong vodka and coke, and getting into the role I delicately sipped it as Sandra went off to ‘get ready’.

I know now that she had spiked my drink and very soon, I knew no more. I woke up to the feeling of pain in my butt and the sticky feel of cum around my face. It was then I saw the realistic dildos laying on the floor beside me and Sandra standing over me. "Morning Carlie, I think you need to watch this." As I lay there still numb from the doping I received, she pressed play on the laptop. On it I saw me, on all fours looking into the screen and stroking one of the dildos. Sandra's voice in the background then said "are you not going to introduce yourself?" In a very soft voice I heard myself say "yes mistress, I'm Carlie and I want to be a sissy cum slut".
"So then Carlie, why dont you get some practice in?"
As I lay there, I watched myself stroking the dildo before licking up and down the shaft and looking into the camera wide eyed as I slowly wrapped my full pink lips around the head. Issuing a very girly moan, I proceeded to suck the dildo like it was my only goal in life. Apart from slurping and muffled moans of pleasure nothing more could be heard for the next ten minutes. Strangely it started getting me hard and I involuntarily licked my lips.

"Lie on your back and raise that pretty little skirt and tell me what's inside those pretty panties Carlie."
"It's my cock mistress and it's hard."
"Tell me what you want Carlie?"

I then saw me removing the dildo I was making love to and in a very girlish voice say "I wanna be f*cked like a real slut."
"Then do it baby, tell everyone how you want it."

I watched as I took the other dildo, moved my panties to one side freeing my cock as I slowly fed the dildo inside of me whilst moaning like a complete slut and saying I wish it was a real cock. "Oh I'm gonna cum, I need a man, i wanna drink cum and be a cum slut."

Then out the blue i shot my load without touching my cock. With a moan and scream like I'd only heard my wife make before.

"Why dont you take the other dildo and put your cum all over it?"
"Yes mistress."

I complied - "Now what would does a good girl do?" I watched my lips say "this good girl would clean it all up, can I please mistress?"

There must have been a nod because I then watched as I looked into the camera and said "thank you for my reward" and then licked and slurped the cum off off the dildo, my fingers and made little moans of pleasure until I fell asleep exhausted.

Sandra's voice shocked me back to reality. "This is the way its going to happen, from now on, you will take the name Carlie, you will obey my wishes, do what I say, when I say and HOW I say or this recording will go to your family, friends, work and on every single form of social media you can think of. So what's your choice Carlie?"

As I sat up still in my sexy outfit I felt tears start to make my mascara run as I looked up at her and said
"I will obey you mistress, I will do everything you ask of me." Then as she looked down at her now sissy Hubette she said, "Good girl Carlie, your first order is to lie down hold onto your ankles and you are going to beg me to f*ck you with this dildo while I ride your face."

My lips trembled and my cock twitched. In a very small, pathetic and shaky voice, I whispered
"Please mistress ride my face and f*ck my a*se."
"No, it's not your a*se. It's your sissy pussy now."

And with a quick flick to my hard cock "and that's your clit now". She roughly played with my breasts making me moan again through my sensitive clamped nipples as she said "try again Carlie."
And as her dripping pussy moved lower and lower towards my mouth I said to my mistress, "Please, please mistress let your Carlie pleasure you while you f*ck my sissy pussy, please mistress."

The last words I heard before my face was engulfed by her pussy and I felt my pussy being violated was "good girl, that's a good start."

Created: 2019-10-07 05:03:00

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