Destination Sensation

Written by an ex Flirthut member

My senses, they strive, all of them to absorb her, all of her. Auras collide, her senses, all of them suddenly alive.
I must come to know all, of everything she is, her scent, her taste, the feel of her skin. On her, I close in, her back now against the wall.

Astounding is her beauty, that smile, this feast I see it so lasting awhile. The very sight of her I so admire. Flame of attraction burning, yearning, blazing fire, of desire. This night, the queen of my empire.
Passion from pulse pounding & breath taking appeal, will quickly fashion. Of her I intend to make a meal, that delicacy I just can't ration.

One chance, one hand , one touch ,just one moment of first contact, she begins to melt from what never before from a man hand has she felt. Her intrigue dismissing the notion she is out of my league. Her ear and neck part of my quest, never have I kissed a more perfect little breast. With both hands , I grab her up by her sweet little ass in the same motion of clearing her vanity top of lotion, make up, a brush ,some hair bands.

Her I consume, to make her complete, unforeseen, unexpected, a result she did not presume, as with it, no other she's known could compete, mind blown, a gasmic boom. Set apart in seeing it not a simple action , rather as an art.

That moment, absent of disruption, arousal and desire surge with a tremor ,something about her, her moans growing louder. She begins to quiver and quake ,behold, gasmic eruption. Euphoric is the rush, I'm not gonna lie that what I cannot deny, for it I'm quite a lush. Quite a lil beauty even when she's wet n dirty I love that she's kinda nerdy,

I'd still taste her this very night between twelve thirty, and one, she will again be vocal & squirty. She squirms & she squeals, I'm so turned on knowing she loves how it feels. I believe I'm the one addicted...... for realz.
Like a schmuck, her ex drove by announced by the sound of his truck. I thought, sorry about his luck as she said oh well for us both to say Cuz we fixin to fxck.

Created: 2021-08-23 03:17:59

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