Cleaning up at University (part 2 – back to nature)

This is a continuation of my story/diary in part 1. Meeting Deborah when I did changed my life and my understanding of sexual relationships between man and woman. We had some amazing times together and to this day, I still think about her even though I have not seen her for over ten years.

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The weeks that follow – The summer months

So Deborah and I we’re officially a couple and we were having regular sexual encounters. I felt amazing. And what made things even better was how daring and experimental she was and how much she enjoyed me going down on her. It’s not often in a man’s life where you meet someone you actually fantasise about even though you’re with them.

One particular afternoon at the start of summer in 1997, Deborah and I took a trip out to the country for some lunch and outdoor activities. We often took drives out to the country because it was easier for us to be ourselves without being spotted by someone she knew. We had a particular spot we’d eat at and the pub landlord became quite familiar with us eventually. Our routine consisted of having something to eat then, weather dependent, going for a walk in some strange field and having some fun. We had various ways we did this and I remember one day in particular.

The tree

It was a very warm day and our country trips were always quiet and relaxing. I’d find somewhere to park and we’d walk for miles sometimes to find spots where we could just lay together, chat, have a laugh and make love. Sometimes, Deborah just wanted to watch her handy work as she fondled me in the open air. It would start by us kissing and follow with her unbuttoning my jeans, pulling them down and pulling out my manhood. She had such a perfect hold of it and was amazing at stimulating it. She’d often play with me while I held on to her tightly – my jeans rolled down around my ankles and her breasts exposed in front of me. She loved watching the sight of my manhood all hard and thick for her and she’d focus very carefully on it while she finished me off. The orgasms were intense as always while I sprayed my cum all over the ground in front of us and she’d finish by kissing me passionately, giving me her tongue. It was like a thank you for doing what I did.
This particular day, we were walking in the bright summer sun and Deborah just came out with a question,

“Andy, would you fuck me against that tree?” she asked.
“I’d fuck you anywhere, you know I would” I replied.
“I really want to do it right now. I want to feel you inside me” she said.

And with that, we both walked towards a large tree in the middle of an open field holding hands. I felt very exposed but you couldn’t see anyone for miles. It was just open farm land and a gentle breeze cooling us down now and again. I was expecting Deborah to want lots of foreplay but she didn’t. Instead, she just pulled down her trousers and knickers and bent down in front of me resting her hands against the tree. Then she ordered me to take her. I was frantically trying to get my jeans down quick not wanting to miss the moment and was a bit nervous about losing my desire being so exposed but one look at her wonderfully round pale buttocks in front of me was enough to set me very hard indeed. I wasn’t sure she was wet enough for me to enter her so I got down on my knees and with one finger started to rub her pussy. Watching it above me turned me on. I could see her twitching and I could hear her moaning. It was certainly wet enough but before I entered her with my manhood, I wanted to taste her. So I did. I put both my hands on her buttocks as my tongue explored her pussy from behind. That didn’t last very long though as my manhood was throbbing to be inside her and hurriedly I stood up, positioned it near the entrance of her open pussy and push myself deep inside her. She moaned very loudly and could barely support herself against the tree but she had to. She knew that if she let go, we’d both collapse to the ground. I started pumping in and out of her slowly at first with long deep thrusts as I watched myself smacking against her ripe buttocks. I wasn’t wearing a condom so this encounter was very risky. That just added to the pleasure of it all. I kept telling myself that I’d pull out before I came. She looked so vulnerable in front of me. I was so used to her wriggling on top of me that dominating her from behind like this was a pleasant change. I wanted to taste her skin as I my manhood thrust up her. As difficult as it was, I bent down and pulled the back of her top up so that I could see the bare skin on her back. I started gently biting it as I thrust more vigorously but it was so hard to move and bend down at the same time. Frustrated, I gave up biting her and focused on clasping her hips tightly with both hands as my thrusts got harder and faster. She was almost screaming with joy at this stage and part of me was nervous that someone would see us so I’d occasionally look around just in case. There was nobody ever there. With several strong thrusts and mighty moans, I pulled back on her hips and shot my cum deep inside her feeling every throb of my manhood as it exploded inside her. She didn’t orgasm but the intensity of it all was enough to satisfy her in that moment. I collapsed onto her bare back with my manhood still inside hide and lay there on her for a few moments before pulling out. When I did, I watched all my cum dribble out of her onto the ground below.

“Oh my god. That was amazing. I can’t believe you just did that. You came inside me.” She said.

I was well aware of what I did and knowing it at the time just added to the intensity of it all.

“What about you? You didn’t cum.” I said.
“I didn’t need to. That was so good.” She responded.
“Do you want me to play with you?” I asked.

My love and appreciation of Deborah was so strong that I’d pleasure her even if it meant tasting myself. And that’s exactly what I did. She got up from bending over against the tree and I suggested we walk to a small barn nearby thinking we could find somewhere to lay down. Instead the sunlight had got me going again in a matter of minutes so I ended up pulling her trousers and knickers down against the wooden cladding of the barn. With my cum still dribbling from her pussy, I knelt down in front of her and quickly pasted my tongue all over her pussy. I licked her clit vigorously and intensely, and within minutes she was having a loud orgasm while I watched more of my cum dribbling out of her. It was all too much for me and I was as aroused as I was before we had sex against the tree. Just as she’d finished climaxing, I pulled down my jeans and boxers, lifted one of her legs up against my hips to open her pussy and push my throbbing manhood inside her again. She gasped as it went in and we kissed passionately while my hips moved up and down to penetrate her deeply. I wanted to suck her breasts so I pulled her top up over them and lifted her bra. As I sucked on her nipples and gently squeezed her soft breasts I came inside her again with a loud moan that I’m sure anyone in the field could have heard. As I finished, I looked her in the eyes and we kissed passionately again for several moments before I pulled out.

Walking back to the car that day was amusing particularly as we encountered people on the way. One question we both asked ourselves was if anyone saw us doing what we did. Over the summer months, we had more intense encounters like these, often taking a blanket with us so that we could lay down and so that she could ride me.

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