Cleaning up at University (part 1 – the beginning)

My most intense sexual encounters started when I was in my early twenties. I had relationships before this but none of them were in any way as intense as what started during my time at University. As a student, I lived in fully maintained dorms near the University and in my building were about fifteen or so other students distributed over three floors. There were six of us on our floor and over the course of a few weeks, we all became good friends and would hang out together most of the time. Every morning, just before we left to start our lectures, at least one cleaner would come and clean our rooms, the communal kitchen and shower. When I caught my first glance of one of the cleaners, Deborah, it was lust at first sight.

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My most intense sexual encounters started when I was in my early twenties. I had relationships before this but none of them were in any way as intense as what started during my time at University. As a student, I lived in fully maintained dorms near the University and in my building were about fifteen or so other students distributed over three floors. There were six of us on our floor and over the course of a few weeks, we all became good friends and would hang out together most of the time. Every morning, just before we left to start our lectures, at least one cleaner would come and clean our rooms, the communal kitchen and shower. When I caught my first glance of one of the cleaners, Deborah, it was lust at first sight. She was beautiful. A golden haired busty lady with an amazing, heart-warming smile and a stunning body. And it wasn’t just me that felt this way about her. All my dorm mates felt the same and she’d often pop into conversations, usually about who would shag her first and how sexy she was. Every day, while she was cleaning the kitchen, all of us would congregate there to make small talk with her and flirt with her in that immature way that most college guys do. Deborah was very easy going and would usually crack a joke or two with everyone, but she seemed to have a bit of a soft spot for me. She would spend more time talking to me and I noticed that when I wasn’t in the kitchen, she’d often leave quickly avoiding the need to talk to my dorm mates. One day, a few months after I’d met Deborah, I was fortunate enough to be alone with her in the kitchen as I had late lectures that day. What happened from then changed my world.

February 7th 1997 – A brief kiss

Deborah always seemed to enjoy chatting with me and she’d often spend more time than she needed in our dorm. This particular Friday around 9:30am, I was in the kitchen with my dressing gown on eating my breakfast, completely aware that Deborah would often clean at that time. I wanted to see her, to talk to her and smell that perfume of hers that I’d so familiarised myself with. I was quite a naive young man when it came to flirting with women and the only way I knew how was to just be there in front of them. On this particular day, I think Deborah had enough of waiting and took the initiative to show me how she felt about me. She looked through one of the mens fashion magazines we had on one of the kitchen tables and spotted an article in the help and advice section. I don’t think this was just by chance – I think she had spotted this a while ago and used it to her advantage. While we were talking, she interrupted saying,

“Oh this is interesting Andy, look at what this person has written in asking advice about. He says, he doesn’t know when a woman fancies him and what he should do to find out”

At the time, I wasn’t sure whether she was hinting at something or whether she just accidentally stumbled on that particular article. I was far too nervous to respond so I smiled and made some silly response while I walked out of the kitchen. I turned to jelly in my room. I was shaking nervously because I wasn’t sure how to respond. Was she interested in me? I just didn’t know how to find out. About ten minutes later, I had to walk out of my room to wash some dishes and Deborah was still in the kitchen, near the door. She was getting ready to leave. As I walked past her, she made it difficult for me to get through and our bodies touched for the first time. I could feel the sexual tension but wasn’t sure if it was just all on my side. I started getting an erection and was embarrassed to turn around. She walked towards the sink and said goodbye to me, and then it hit me. Her face lunged towards me to kiss me but I stupidly turned away and she ended up kissing my cheek. More embarrassed than I was, Deborah walked away and left the building.

February 10th 1997 – Was I just fantasising?

I had an eventful weekend and couldn’t get Deborah off my mind. I knew that today, I’d probably see her again but was nervous about what to say to her. Sure enough, in the morning, there she was again cleaning as normal as if nothing happened. Maybe I just misinterpreted the situation? Maybe that kiss wasn’t a kiss. Maybe she accidentally lunged forward? The only way I could find out was to wait until my dorm mates left and I could have some time alone with her. So I waited. And I waited. I could hear some of my mates chatting to Deborah in the kitchen. Had I been too slow? Would one of them beat me too it? Or was I just creating some fantasy in my mind about Deborah? She was a married woman with kids after all. It took ages for my mates to leave and I knew I didn’t have much time before she left. As soon as all of them had gone, I walked out in my dressing gown again to make out that I’d over slept. Deborah was there in the kitchen. We were alone together once again.
I was shaking and I think Deborah could see that I was nervous so she took control. She asked me a question that didn’t leave any doubt in my mind that my fantasy was actually becoming a reality.

“Andy, I tried to kiss you on Friday and I’m really embarrassed and sorry. I thought that you might have been interested in me. I tried to make it obvious that I was flirting with you by reading that article in the magazine. Did I get it all wrong?”

That was my queue to move in and start something that would take me on a sexual adventure for several years. As nervous as I was, I plucked up the courage to walk towards her and stand in front of her, looking at her in the eyes. Our faces moved slowly together and our lips touched slowly for the very first time. The feeling inside me was so intense that everything around me just disappeared. I was very sexually heightened and couldn’t help my erection that pressed against her body. It was so obvious that she looked down at it and then back at me and smiled. I jokingly apologised telling her that it was something I couldn’t help and she responded by saying,

“I don’t want you to help that. It’s perfect. I like that it naturally does what it does.”

We kissed some more, and more. Her lips were soft, warm and gentle and they tasted sweet. I could have kissed her for hours, holding her hips and wanting to do more. Her eyes sparkled as she look at me with a warm glow. Her hands were so gentle, rubbing my arms and back. She’d gently press herself on my manhood, keeping it hard, and push her large bust against my chest. But it was all over far too soon.

“I’ve got to go. My husband’s expecting me back soon. Here’s my number. Text me later and we’ll arrange to meet up.”

February 11th 1997 – Finale and the start of something new

I’d been texting Deborah quite a bit since yesterday and we’d arranged to meet in a multi-story car-park. Not the most romantic of places, but you have to understand that she was married with kids and need to be discreet about how and where we met. Today was her day off so I was unfortunate not to see her, but we arranged to meet just before lunch. I remember that excited feeling I had driving to the car-park, combined with the nervousness of meeting her again. As my car pulled up over the entrance ramp, I could see her in standing near the wall overlooking the shopping centre. She wasn’t wearing anything particularly special, but her face and smile were more than special enough. We were up high so there were hardly any other cars around, and being midday, it wasn’t busy. I parked up beside her and got out of the car. She smiled at me and we spent most of our time kissing each other. It was quite cold outside so we eventually got in the car, and there she asked me a question,

“Andy, I think we should talk about how and when we can have sex together. I really want to. Do you?”

The answer was clear to me and that statement turned me on. The anticipation of having sex with Deborah was enough to arouse me. I let her suggest a time and date and she responded by suggesting the tonight. Of course I was free. Even if I wasn’t, I would have made sure I was. We kissed goodbye and I left all excited about what could happen later today.

I had lectures that afternoon but I couldn’t concentrate. All I could think about was tonight. What would I wear? Where would we go? Where would we do it? How would it feel? I picked up Deborah at 8:30pm from a road near where she lived. Her husband worked late but she didn’t want to risk her neighbours spotting her leaving the house so we arranged to meet somewhere further away. Her kids were out that night and she had told them she was meeting her friends in town. I remember struggling to find her address as it was a part of town I’d never been to. That added to my nervousness. But sure enough, I found her and we drove off.

“Where are we going?” I said.
“I’m not too sure. Somewhere quiet. I know a place near the park that’s quiet. You can park down the road that leads to it.” She said.

There was a park near hers that had a long drive leading to the main car park. At night, the gates were left open and occasionally, people with dogs would use the car park. It was easy to park off the long drive to avoid parking in the car park and there were no lights around there so it was dark and difficult to spot us. I parked the car where she suggested and waited for her to make the first move. We chatted for a bit and then kissed. The kissing became more passionate as our hands started moving over each other. She pulled one of my hands over her bust and I felt one of her large, firm breasts for the first time. I was getting very hard and I wanted to have sex with her so much. I don’t remember exactly what she wore that night, but I do remember how easy it was for her to pop her breasts out so that I could touch her skin with my hands. I remember how warm her breasts felt and how she cupped one of them and moved it towards my face so that I could gently lick her nipple and suck it. She smelt sweet and tasted like something I’d never tasted before. As I petted her breasts for some time, she pulled up her dress and exposed her pale white thighs and underwear. One of her hands moved down onto her knickers as her fingers started rubbing her around her labia. She was starting to breathe faster with her eyes closed and I watched, petting her breasts some more.

“Would you lick me down below?” she asked.

I moved my hands away from her breasts and pulled the top of her knickers down as she lifted herself from the seat. There in front of me was her beautiful pussy with some cute curly hairs above it. I ran my hands gently over it and I remember feeling how amazing it was – all warm and soft. Her pussy was just there in front of me ready for me. I bent down into her lap and started kissing her belly as she sat back squirming. I ran my tongue around her belly button and gently sucked her skin. I knew she wanted me to lick her clit but I wanted to explore more. I kissed her below her belly and licked her beautiful curly hairs. Then I moved down onto her thighs, running my tongue over them and teasing her by occasionally flicking it over her pussy. She smelt amazing and I knew that if I was inside her right now, I would cum hard without wearing a condom. She was getting more turned on with each lick and panting faster. I knew she wanted me to focus on her pussy so I did. I ran my tongue gently up her pussy lips and over her clit. She shuddered with pleasure. I then used my fingers to gently spread her pussy lips apart and roll my tongue around her clit, pressing on it ever so slightly harder with her increased panting and moaning. It didn’t take long before she shouted,

“I’m gonna cum… Oh my god, I’m cumming…”

And sure enough, she had an intense orgasm, shaking and squirming aggressively while my mouth and tongue followed her pussy as she moved. Then it went silent for a few minutes as she got her breath back. I sat watching her laying there with her pussy exposed and her breasts hanging out. I just wanted to be inside her but wasn’t sure what to say. Fortunately, she took the initiative.

“Do you want to go into the back?” she asked.

She pulled her dress down over her bare pussy and legs, popped her breasts back into her top and then opened the car door to walk to the back seat. I quickly followed.

In the back, she sat next to me and started kissing me very passionately. She knew that I wanted her as her hand gently moved down my chest and over the erection in my jeans. Once again, she exposed her breasts for me to lick and suck. Her hand fondling my manhood more and more intensely through my jeans. Then she tries to unbutton them but it’s too difficult with one hand so I help her by unbuttoning them and rolling them off my legs. She fondles my manhood more over my boxers gently wanking it. It’s so thick and hard and needing her. Within minutes, she’s squatting over me with her knees on the seat around my legs rubbing her bare pussy over my hard erection. I can feel her wetness through my boxers and her warm body against me. She pushes her breasts hard into my face forcing me to worship them and then she lifts herself up slightly to pull my boxers off.

“Did you bring any condoms with you?” she asks.
“Of course I did. They’re in the pocket of my jeans.” I replied.

She turns around and picks up my jeans and finds a small packet of condoms there. While she’s opening the packet, we kiss more intensely, with her still rubbing herself more and more on my erection. She’s panting vigorously again and as soon as one condom is unwrapped she moves off me slightly again and rolls the condom over my thick eager erection. As soon as it’s on, and without hesitation, she sits back down on me and her pussy swallows my manhood all the way in. I moan with intense pleasure. I can feel her inside. She feels so good and all I want to do is cum hard and again and again while I’m inside her. She’s wriggling around on my manhood as I clutch her hips, holding on to them as I watch her bum move back and forth while she rides me moaning intensely. I’m getting very worked up and squeezing and sucking her breasts harder and harder now as she continues to rock back and forth. I’m almost there but she beats me to it. With one almighty moan, she cums, partly collapsing onto me and laying there still with my erection inside her.

“Are you ok?” I ask.
“I’m more than OK. I cum really quick when I’m on top, but don’t pull out yet” she responds.

I had no intention of pulling out. I wasn’t done and I needed to finish off. As she’s recovering from her intense orgasm, I start rubbing her buttocks and thighs, feeling them in my hands – squeezing them. Then, as if I’d pressed a magic button and started a clock again, she begins moving her hips back and forth, swallowing my manhood deeper inside her again. She can hear me panting and moaning, rhythmically adjusting her movement and intensity to match mine. She forces her large breasts and erect nipples into my face again and within minutes I’m ready to cum. With several final breaths and loud moans, I grip her hips tightly and hold her against me as I shoot months of lust for her into the condom inside her pussy. My orgasm seemed to last for a while made only more intense by her sticking her tongue in my mouth and kissing me very intensely.

We spent the rest of the evening kissing, hugging and having more sex in the back seat. That was one of the only times in my life that I had sex five times in the space of four hours.

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