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Protecting your privacy is very important to Flirthut. We will not sell, lease or exchange your personal data to third parties without first obtaining your express consent.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use your data. If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or its enforcement, please contact us.

Flirthut is an online dating and social networking community providing a Service that connects people and allows them to meet others. Members create their own profile, and profiles are then shown to other Members of the site. Members are people who sign up to use our Service. Flirthut also has Guest access. Guests are people who have not signed up to use our Service and are browsing the site without any login/sign-in details.

Our website has been designed to minimise any personal information we obtain and hold about our Members. We do not obtain or hold any information from Guests who have not registered to use our Service, other than cookies that are stored locally on their computer to enable our site to function. If cookies are disabled for Guest access, our site may not function correctly. To understand more about cookies, please click here.

We will collect the e-mail addresses of our Members to allow us to identify them and notify them of changes or updates to our Service. We also collect personal information submitted by our Members when they fill out their profile on the Service such as gender, location, age, etc. We collect this personal information when a Guest signs up to become a Member and when a Member makes changes to their profile information or sends messages to other Members or Guests that they have nominated. Members may choose to provide additional information beyond their basic profile. Providing additional information beyond what is required at registration is entirely optional, but enables our Members to better identify each other and more effectively connect and interact with their network. Without this information, particularly e-mail addresses, Flirthut would not be able to function. If at any time you wish for us to remove any information we have kept about you, you can terminate your account by signing in and selecting the relevant option on the account screen.

Cookies stored on your computer

Like many other web-sites, Flirthut uses a standard technology called "Cookies". Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your hard drive - not on our site. They can help make your internet dating experience quicker and more convenient. Cookies allow Flirthut to keep track of pages and options that Members select. Members who disable cookies will not be able to use Flirthut as the site will not function correctly. To understand more about cookies, please click here.

E-mail address privacy

Members e-mail addresses are never shown to any other Member or Guest of Flirthut. They are used only by our administration team to contact our Members with notifications and promotional material related to our Service. As a Member, you must ensure your e-mail address is kept up to date otherwise we are unable to contact you. We use Usernames and aliases throughout our site to allow Members to identify each other. Real names are not used on Flirthut unless Members choose to use them.

We will not sell, lease or exchange your personal data (namely your e-mail address) to third parties without first obtaining your express consent, unless required by law or to protect your membership.

If you use our referral function or referral link to invite a friend to our Service, we may ask you for your friend's e-mail address. We'll automatically send the friend an e-mail inviting them to join Flirthut on your behalf. Flirthut does not sell these e-mail addresses or use them to transmit any communication other than the invitation. Flirthut stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this invitation and for tracking the success of our referral and invite functionality. We delete e-mail addresses that are not associated with member accounts if they are no longer needed in connection with a referral or a registration verification.

Third party links

Flirthut may contain links to other web-sites. Please be aware that Flirthut is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites our Members or Guests choose to visit. If our Members or Guests provide any information directly to parties other than Flirthut, different rules may apply to the use or disclosure of personal information. We encourage you to investigate and ask questions before disclosing your personal information to third parties.

Please be aware that whenever Members voluntarily disclose personal information online - e.g., through message boards, file uploads, profile feeds, messages etc. - that information becomes public and can be collected and used by others. By posting personal information online in public forums, Members may receive unsolicited messages from other parties.

If you notice any infringement of privacy on the site through fault or no fault of your own, please notify us immediately. We will do our uttermost to ensure all our Members and Guests can interact with the level and degree of privacy that they would expect.

This Privacy Policy was last updated: 7th Jan 2019

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