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About this summary

The list below is a summary of our full terms of use, our privacy policy and some general information about the service we provide. Please ensure you read our full terms of use and full privacy policy for details on how we use your information and how we deal with privacy. This page with summarised information has been created to ensure our users are not overwhelmed with legal jargon and understand the essentials.

  • If you do not agree to our terms of use, you may not use Flirthut.
  • You have read and agree to our full terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Flirthut uses cookies to verify who you are and keep track of your site preferences.
  • To use Flirthut as a guest or member, your must have cookies enabled on your computer.
  • If at any point in your membership you do not agree to our terms, you must cancel (suspend or terminate) your membership.
  • A valid e-mail address is needed so that we may contact you in connection with your account for notifications. This e-mail address will not be given out to any other members or anyone else without your express consent.
  • We rely on our members e-mail addresses to keep our service functioning. By joining Flirthut, you are allowing us to keep a record of your e-mail address in association with your account until such time as your account is suspended or terminated.
  • You are of adult age in your region (at least 18 years of age in most areas or 21 in certain areas around the world and US States).
  • You will not upload any photos that contain images of a sexual or erotic nature unless the images are uploaded in a designated area of the site specifically for content like this.
  • You will not upload any photos that contain illegal or unlawful content.
  • You will not post messages that are illegal, unlawful or abusive to other members.
  • Harassment is not tolerated on Flirthut and members who harass others will have their membership banned or terminated without warning or notice.
  • You agree to notify Flirthut immediately of any unauthorised use of your account.
  • You are fully responsible for all uses of your account whether authorised or not and any content relating to your account including photo uploads and messages.
  • You are not permitted to create an account that appropriates the name, likeness, email address, or other personally identifiable information of another individual.
  • Flirthut does not guaranty that the Flirthut service will be without interruption.
  • Flirthut reserves the right to delete, without warning or notice, the accounts of members who do not abide by and agree to our terms of use.

Information about our service

  • All messages and notifications older than 30 days are deleted automatically.
  • If you decide to terminate your account, or we terminate it as a result of a violation of our terms of use, all details associated with your account including your email address and photos will be permanently deleted from our system.
  • Free members are permitted to upload 6 profile photos. Premium members can upload more.
  • All photos uploaded to the site will be checked and moderated. Flirthut reserves the right to remove offensive photos that do not comply with our Terms or photo upload guidelines.
  • To ensure the safety of all our users and the integrity of our site, we continuously monitor how users sign in to the site including logging IP addresses.

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