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Aged 40 and living in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

You wanna know you just ask it’s that simple. I like clean stuff and no it’s not an obsession either. Don’t expect me to be what I’m not ….. Don’t feel the need to put pressure on anyone …. If you end up in my life it’s because I allow it to and same on your side. Xoxo

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What I'm looking for...

Before asking for pictures please read and come talk to me if you feel like it after . And yes I’m single as we speak otherwise I wouldn’t even waste a second being here .Well it’s quite simple …… being honest respectful is already appreciated…. Good sense of humour and spontaneous is some kind of intelligence that I really like too it’s like some special candy to my eyes and ears ….. I’ll never say no to that…. I’m not asking for much ….. well in fact I’m not asking anything at all. Nobody belongs to nobody in all that ….. bottom line if you end up in my life it’s because I want it to and same for you .I don’t feel the need to impress anyone outside of what I truly am up to this point . I like people that look both ways before crossing the street ….. it’s so simple it ain’t funny isn’t it .If you treat me right I give you back. I have enough love to give as needs be .The women that loves me like I love her Will get what she wants the way she likes it ….and it’s not because I’m not having my share of fun and pleasure along the *** will both know when it will start but probably never will for the end …. At the very least for my well being and yours there will be a time when there will be a time required to sleep every now and then to stay healthy if we have to go that far lol .No problem .The only moments that I really keep for myself is when I’m in the bathroom having my 5 minutes just because needs be … which there’s nothing really glorious going on there and believe me during that time you’re not missing anything at all …Quite the opposite in fact …. And if by accident I forgot to lock the door and you make the choice to open it and come in you probably just entered a war zone and you probably never will be the same again … be careful it might trigger a PTSD …. Just kidding LOL .Anything else about me that is not shown in here you can ask or just talk to me. And there’s a fair good reason why there’s no picture on my profile and I don’t think you should worry about what I may look like at all anyway my mother was hot as hell and same for my father when they were in their prime but even then I don’t pretend anything for the person who will meet me it’s up to her to tell me if I make the cut or not but my little finger tells me that this person will be glad she made the move to cross my path and I hope to feel the same way . It’s like in science and it’s very basic too ….. water can be solid - liquid- and steamy so if I put just that knowledge in my life I know that even if I’m standing in front of a solid physical being I know How to get it wet and things can get really steamy….. all I have to do is using the right temperature to get to that result. But I must be an error of nature or a paradox of some sort because when that happens I couldn’t be in a more rock solid state on my side …. Weird phenomenon isn’t it .The only thing for those of you who are looking for a tall man and it’s a must well I cannot be of any help Im pretty average on that side …. I don’t drug myself and don’t drink much either ….. I pay attention and mean what I say and do as well and worse case scenario if I make a mistake I fix it or I take care of business the best I can. Oh by the way just a piece of advice I’m just warning everyone that I pay attention and listen too when you talk to me and I have a very good memory…… just saying. I like to look at you in the eye and if you like that too well without a single word being said it can already be pretty intimidating or a really strong moment. If live and let live is one of your philosophy that’s perfect with me I like that …. To me being able to trust someone and getting the same back ….. good. Because of what I do for a living you will truly and most probably have to trust me with all your heart …. My job requires at the very least that I take care of myself and that I shine as bright as possible during that process and for as long as it is possible and no I won’t quit my job because you live in a state of fear ….. you will have to find a way to overcome that if that’s the case . If you have to come to see for yourself so it can help you with that matter do it but for the right reason . I don’t cross the line and I’m not for sell either. If I want something genuine in my life I must be able to offer the same in return .So it might be a good idea that you get know me before going any further. And yes I come back home because that’s exactly where I belong and want to be. I have my own beliefs on deeper subject .But for those of you who choose love just for what it is well that’s what I believe in and I value it. You don’t need to follow me and same for me it’s more about the choices we both make and it’s an everyday thing . Even if the person that’s part of my life never tells me once that she loves me but in everything she does makes me feel it….. I don’t need to hear it that I already know . Oh and I don’t watch tv much Id rather do some reading to learn new stuff most of the time it’s more or less related to self improvement or psychology . I have a son pretty much grown up …. He’s gonna turn 17 real soon and he’s my whole world and my living legacy and as for you all I treat him with the same mindset I’m not asking anything to him and I don’t feel the need to or putting pressure on anything …. It’s ok to make mistakes even better if you see for yourself the lessons that comes with it and WOW if you just do your homework and get back on your feet and pull yourself together….. Man !!!! It wasn’t even a mistake from the very beginning…. It was just a learning process and there’s no need to ask forgiveness because it’s been done and forgiven way before it even happened . I never even told him that I was expecting something from him it’s that far that I let this soon to be little man follow his heart ….. All I care about is what I secretly wish for him Is that he may find true happiness and that he lives in that state of bliss as much as possible. If you like what you’re reading at the moment that’s fine ….. you probably lived enough or went through some experience that makes you appreciate it even more as a matter of fact. I’m not mister I know it all but I spent quite a while with the same women in my life and if there’s something about women in general that I should learn about that I haven’t witnessed yet I’m willing to do so …. But from what I know men’s have it easy on certain aspects compare to you ….. so yeah I have a lot of respect for women in general. Just the fact that you are willing to carry in you the seed of life and give birth I feel bad about myself compare to that and all I can do in return if it involves me is to be the best version of myself I can be and take care of business. One last thing if you are the kind of person who start the day with a smile and intend to go back to bed with it and most of the time hope that the day after is going to be even better I already like you and thank you for that . What I’m looking for is maybe one of a kind or out of this world but I don’t give up that easily and hope I never will . I could go on forever like that but I think you already have the big picture so far.

Recent status...

Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you.

My attributes...

  • Height: >5'4 to 5'6 (1.63m to 1.68m)
  • Body type: athletic
  • My best feature: prefer not to say
  • Hair colour: blonde
  • Hair length: medium
  • Eyes: green
  • Drinking habits: rarely / occasionally
  • Smoking habits: rarely / occasionally
  • Has children: yes but they don't live with me


Art/sculpture Cycling Martial arts Needle craft Restaurant Theatre

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