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Aged 50 and living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi darling hangouts davidyuwiz *** *** hello again, its pitiful me after fleeing this website after so many *** anyways im trying again after failing and i will take another long hiatus if i have two or three serious relationships of talking for a few weeks like all the rest that will fail like all the rest *** anyways i learned on youtube many many things and they said the most important trait to find a girl is not money or looks or whatever guys think girls want, the most important is not to be hurt when a girl rejects you for whatever reason, anyways i have a small ability to do this, i will try with two or three girls, thats all i can do before i become seriously depressed then i will take a another hiatus before i become strong enough again, anyways please read my *** i dont have any money right now but i still live in a beautiful home with my mom dad wife and son and you are welcome to live here for the rest of your life with any boyfriend or husband you want, when you come here i will be strong enough to work again, i am a world class artist and can probably get commissions to do anything the client wants, all money goes to you and your boyfriend or husband, i consider you more important than everything i own, my computer, my comics and *** please read rest lol hi, im back after a half year hiatus because of the problems incurred the first time i was here. can you please send me a mail if you have the slightest interest in me? ok, starting *** it seems the biggest problem was you girls dont have enough money for a ticket to come live here with my wife, son mom and dad. so after half a year, i have managed to save more than a thousand dollars for a ticket for you to come live with me here in calgary, alberta ***, my mom wants you to buy the ticket and i will give you back the money once you arrive here, shes afraid if we buy the ticket that you will not come *** you will have a very comfortable life, we live in a beautiful house. you will be living with my mom, dad, wife and *** so read on, please , if still interested. hi, am looking for a pretty girl i can hug, kiss and touch. i am deephearted can sacrifice my life for you, extremely loving and caring, looking for lifetime love, have wife and son, wishing for my wife to find me a male lifetime companion as well, not jealous at all, will love any boyfriend or husband you choose to have, can live with us in the *** only caveat for your boyfriend is that he helps my mom with the expenses for the *** this is my moms request not *** other than that, he will be loved by me, as i had ruined my life trying desperately to please my friends and my *** am an artist, believes everybody should love each other. depressed about the world cannot find lifetime love or lifetime male companion i am not gay, i loved my bestfriend david so much and he is very apolegetic about not wanting to see *** am not really se*ual, love to hug kiss and touch a pretty girl. i cannot and will not leave my wife and son even if you want to be my lifetime love, for they have shown me that they truly loved me the first time i tried this for half a year, and she has given me the most money to provide you with a ticket to come live with *** please please try to love them. my wife can leave me if she finds someone who falls in love with *** i am not in love with my wife, but love her still so much , and in fact have had a really miserable life with *** because im not in love with her, i suffer whenever i see a pretty girl in the public, hence i stay in a corner in my house, afraid to go *** i really dont blame my wife or you if you leave me for a better man, be he more handsome, richer, etc. i told my wife i hope when she goes on mingle she will not experience the heartbreak and stress i *** she says she wont shes not me she says. there is no drama here lol. i think i want to tell you my strongest personality traits. first i am deephearted, i am righteous and conscientious, i will never lie to you, cheat on you, steal, hurt or get angry with you as i have never done these things to any other person in my whole *** secondly, i am phlegmatic, am extremely peaceful, loving and caring. i dont have the traits which most girls are looking for which is a strong powerful and confident person; i actually dont like these types of people, as they have beaten me up are selfish and greedy and jealous and i am none of these things. i had ruined my life trying to please these types of people, hoping i can turn them to a more loving nature, but i have failed, the most notable person being my father. i have been unable to work for over 7 years because i couldnt find even one pretty girl to hold hug and kiss. the world has been very cruel to me, i am extremely hard working person and i can prove it to *** however, there is actually no need for either of us to work as my family is very comfortable thanks to my mom. we live in a very comfortable home, my wife has her bed i have my own bed, we have money for food and entertainment. i can give you 100-200$ each month, or we can save it, would you want to spend all of your time with me, every day? if its possible, please dont ask me to leave my mom and my son, i love them more than anything. i also love my wife sometimes, when shes not angry or mean to me lol. i am a guy who will stick to you like glue and cannot keep my hands off you and love you more than anything in the *** thank you for reading. i wish everyone the best of luck in finding happiness, male and female alike. someone now who, evidently, is unaware of it.

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What I'm looking for...

Pl***ase i beg you plz do not talk with me for one day one week two months six months and then ask for money this is devastating, when you are here in my arms all or most or some money goes to you my little bear said to me no stupid daddy noob, dont give all your money to the love of your life, what if she leaves you daddy noob lol someone who doesnt need or want money, will go homeless with me if i cannot support her although i will beg anyone and everyone to take care of her when i go, just want her to hold my hold, my last apple or dollar goes to her, everything goes to her, someone to kiss me and hug me naked in bed no s*x preferable and no children, if she wants children, any boyfriend or husband she is welcome to it and will be loved by me, i will beg her and him to let her spend at least 20% of her time with me though lol i really need and want a girl that wants to spend time with me, hold my hand and kiss and hug me, we touch each others skin, no s*x is preferable but we can do it, i didnt do with first wife so she left me and id been suicidal since she left me 1998 until now 2021 and i will be suicidal for the rest of my life unless i find true love again, she was my dream girl, she always dressed like my dream girl lilia a fictional half elf i painted for many years originally based on vivian my cousin who i was in love with since i was *** my first wife had same personality as lilia peaceful loving and caring, but she can live without me and i cannot, so my dream girl now is someone like me that we cannot live without each *** but if you can leave me and you are like cynthia my first wife i will still be the happiest guy on earth, i just have to be not suicidal and try agai

Recent status...

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

My attributes...

  • Height: >5'10 to 6' (1.78m to 1.83m)
  • Body type: slim
  • My best feature: my face
  • Hair colour: black
  • Hair length: short
  • Eyes: brown
  • Drinking habits: never
  • Smoking habits: never
  • Has children: yes and they live with me


Art/sculpture Dancing Gaming Needle craft Poetry Restaurant Singing Travelling Walking/rambling Watching movies

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