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With thousands of members signing up each week on Flirthut, your match might just be a click away. Signing up with us is completely free. Unlike a lot of other free dating sites, we don't buy our member lists or use details we've got from other sites. All our members have signed up exclusively to use our free service so we are unique. Keeping your registration with us costs you nothing and you have nothing to lose other than the prospect of meeting your match online if you're not a member.

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We don't believe you should spend hours filling out forms to find your dating match online. What can the results of a form tell you that you can't already judge for yourself? Meeting someone online needs a good dating site like Flirthut where there are other likeminded individuals. The decision making and the communication is up to you. You don't need to answer lots questions - save these for when you meet face to face. Online dating isn't a mortgage application like some other sites make it out to be. Flirthut is back to basics. Good honest simple dating with minimal complications. If someone interests you and you want to know more about them, then all you need to do is ask! And Flirthut has a few clever systems in place to ensure you don't get harassed by people who don't follow the online dating etiquette.

Control how you often we message you

When you sign up with Flirthut, not only do you get to search for free and message other members for free, you can tell us how often or not you would like to get email notifications from us. Unlike most other dating sites, we try not to bombard you with emails each time someone looks at your profile or sends you a message. Instead, you can choose to have a daily or weekly list of activity associated with your account emailed to you. Or if you want, you can choose not to have any email notifications at all. It's your dating experience and you should be allowed to do it the way you want. We also don't have any restrictions on message content other than an offensive word filter. If you want to exchange phone numbers or email addresses with someone else, then you can. That's what a dating site is all about - meeting someone!

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Single and looking to mingle

You're single and looking to find someone for a relationship - What are you waiting for? Join flirthut today and search for people in your area for free. Signing up is quick and easy, needing just one photo of yourself. We won't spring any charges on you or threaten to cancel your subscription because our dating site is a complete free site. That means any premium services we offer are in addition to the normal free service. And by normal free service, we mean free to search our members by distance and free to message them (subject to a ten message limitation per day). We don't put any restrictions on the messages you send to other members other than filtering out offensive language. After all, a dating site is designed to allow people to meet each other so if you want to exchange email addresses or phone numbers, that's fine with us. That's why we're here.

Single parent dating online

If you're a single parent, having to juggle time with your children and making time to meet someone for a relationship can be difficult. Free dating sites like Flirthut can help make things a little easier for you by giving you an opportunity to meet someone online without having to pay for subscriptions or create complex accounts. We're back to basics. And because we're simple, you'll have more time to search around and less time worrying about what information you've given. It may surprise you to know that a lot of our members are single parents looking for a relationship. Online dating is a great way to meet other single parents or other single people who are looking for a relationship with someone like you. And you don't have to pay anything. So what have you got to lose?

Sign up with absolutely no risk - we're completely free all the time!

A good photo for your profile

A good photo on your dating profile can make a big difference to the responses you get and the type of person that responds to you. Taking the time to select a good picture of yourself is very important. Before photos appear on Flirthut, they are checked to ensure they meet our guidelines, so they don't offend other users. Photos which do not, are rejected. So what is a good photo? Ideally, it will show your face in full - without sunglasses, hats or any other obstructions in a nice surrounding and preferably against a light background. You should be well groomed and looking your best. You wouldn't go out expecting to meet someone looking like you've made no effort whatsoever would you?

Take a look at our forum for some more hints and advice on what a good online dating profile photo should be along with other topics of discussion.

Something of interest?...

International dating is becoming more popular

Finding your soulmate

Most people prefer to date someone local to them, but that's not always possible. Some people like to date far from home or will consider it. So what's the attraction, and what are the potential pitfalls?

International dating is a niche market - not only is there a geographical hurdle to overcome, but there can also be a language barrier. Most international daters tend to go for people who speak the same language as it makes communicating a lot easier.

Most dating sites have an international presence allowing members to get in touch with anyone around the world. There are numerous reasons why someone might want to date someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away:-

  1. They may want to explore other cultures
  2. They enjoy international travel
  3. They have an attraction to people from a specific country or locale
  4. They have met their potential soulmate
  5. They are looking to meet someone from their cultural background

Don't get confused with international marriage agencies

Marriage agencies that specialize in matching people internationally (some refer to these matches with the often derogatory terms 'mail order brides' or 'mail order husbands') are different from international dating agencies. The difference should be somewhat noticeable as it's in the name. One specializes in matching people for the sole purpose of marriage, and the other is just like any other dating site but allows you to chat with anyone around the world. And doing so opens up more opportunities for anyone single.

Beware of people looking to date for the wrong reasons

Dating someone very far away can be a risk because a lot of scammers are based in certain countries around the world looking for opportunities to extort money from vulnerable people.

Are they prying into your financial status?

Dating someone shouldn't involve the exchange of financial information, at least not initially. If your date is interested in how much money you earn, where you bank your money or how big your house is, they may be assessing whether you have credentials that fulfill the expectations of their family. Or they could be finding out information so that sometime in the future they can manipulate you financially.

Are they considering you for the benefit of their immediate family?

If they are very interested in the size of your house and how much money you earn a year, they may be looking to see if you can accommodate their family in the future.

Are they using you for asylum?

If your date is from a country where people are known to flee for political reasons, find out if they are looking for asylum. People will do pretty much anything they can to escape, and while helping them may seem like a good idea, they may not be looking to form a genuine, long-lasting relationship.

Be prepared and know what to expect

Assuming the person you're chatting to online is interested in you and the conversation is going well, make sure you understand what international dating involves:-

Long-distance travel for either one of you

One of you will probably need to travel to meet face to face. This can often be very costly and end in disappointment. It's best to get to know your date as much as possible beforehand. Webcamming with them is an excellent way to do this.

Travel visas

You may need to apply for a visa depending on where you travel too. Visa applications can be costly and time-consuming, so be prepared. Most visas will only allow you to enter a specific country a few times or within a certain timeframe before you have to re-apply again.

Know the customs

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the country's local customs. The experience will be much easier for you if you do, and you're likely to impress your date when you meet them.

Be prepared with accommodation

For most people meeting someone abroad, they'll be expected to arrange their own accommodation. Your date should be able to help you find the best place, but don't assume you'll be staying with them unless you've both agreed to it beforehand.

Have a contingency plan

Things can inevitably go wrong, so it's best to be prepared. What would you do if your date met you and lost all interest? Have a backup plan. Plan places to visit to keep you occupied during your stay there, and whatever happens, don't rely on your date to organize any immigration documentation. Make sure you know exactly how to get there and how to leave.

If you're looking to find your soulmate and are prepared to look anywhere around the globe, Flirthut has hundreds of thousands of international members, and it's free to use!

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