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How do I use the Erotic stories area?

The erotic stories area is a section of our service that allows you to read member submitted stories or to submit your own. It's completely free to do so and we reward members who contribute the most. Follow the instructions to submit your own story or feel free to browse. The erotic stories section was previously accessed with credits but as we've removed our credits system, the service is now accesible to anyone.

How do I use the FX (Extended photo gallery)?

The FX gallery allows you to upload photos that don't have to be of you. They can be pretty much anything you like providing they comply with our guidelines. Unlike ordinary profile photos that are approved or not, FX photos need to be classified depending on their content. Photos that are classified as 'adult' rated will not be visible publically. For more information about this service, please click here.

How do I play Kiss, Marry or Avoid?

When you arrive at this page, you can choose to rate the photo on the screen as a 'kiss', 'marry' or 'avoid'. You can also add a short message to each rating which will appear in the relevant members notifications. If you don't want to rate a particular photo, you can skip it by pressing the right arrow.

How does the Hot or Not work?

Hot or Not is a photo rating system that allows other members to rate your photos from 1 to 10. Each photo will accrue points and enter our leaderboard. The most popular photos are displayed in the Hot or Not section along with their statistics.

How do I upload a YouTube video profile?

A video profile is a video that you embed in your profile page. Firstly, you will need to create a video and upload it to YouTube. You'll need a YouTube account to do this. Once your video is uploaded, you can copy and paste the 'embed' code here along with an optional caption. Our moderators will take a look at it and if it meets our guidelines, we'll publish it on your profile page. Members with video profiles have a lot more interaction with other members.