Site navigation, searching and photo uploads

Using Flirthut - site navigation

How do I use the site?

Flirthut is really simple. You find someone you like using our search facility and exchange messages with them. If you do not want to receive messages from a particular member, you can add them to your ignores list. Premium members have the option of making their profile invisible publically and selecting who can see it.

Assuming your account is active and you have signed in, you will need to ensure your profile is completed by going to your profile page. On your profile home page which you can access from the 'My profile' dropdown menu, is a navigation menu. You can access your profile from there. You should also ensure that you have uploaded at least one profile photo - this needs to be approved before you can get in touch with anyone.

You can send virtual gifts to anyone on the site too by choosing the 'Send gift' option from their profile page. Some gifts are available to all members but we also have additional gifts for premium members. We update gifts regularly by adding more so keep checking back.

Our 'Dating extras' has additional functions such as video profile links, extended galleries, stories, competitions and an e-shop that are accessible by all members. Some functions are limited however to non-premium members. To access the 'Dating extras', select the icon from the main menu.

How do I search for people?

To search for members, you simply select the search option from the main menu and choose your search attributes. Some search functions are reserved for premium members only.

How do I upload a new photo?

From the 'My profile' option in the main menu, choose the 'My photo' sub-option. You can see all photos associated with your profile here. To upload more, click the browse button and select the photo you wish to upload from your computer or device, then click 'submit'. You must ensure your profile photos meet our guidelines otherwise they will not be approved. You can also upload photos that aren't of you or are adult rated in our 'FX' area.

How do I select or remove my photo from ratings?

On the 'My photos' page, click on the edit button on the top left of the relevant photo and this will take you to the edit photo page. From here you can select or deselect the 'Add to voting' or 'Remove from voting' buttons to add or remove the photo from the voting system. If you remove a photo from voting, any votes accrued up to that point will remain as they are but you won't accumulate any more until the photo is added to the voting system again.

How do I make one of my photos my main profile image?

On the 'My photos' page, simply click on the star button to choose a main photo. The button is green when a main photo is chosen.

How do I add a caption to my photo or edit one?

On the 'My photos' page, click on the edit button on the top left of the relevant photo and this will take you to the edit photo page. Here you'll see the caption box along with some photo statistics if the photo is set for voting. You can change the caption here.

How can I see what rating my photo has?

On the 'My photos' page, click on the edit button on the top left of the relevant photo and this will take you to the edit photo page. Here you'll find some basic statistics about your photo. To see how it compares with other members, you will need to visit our 'hot or not' stats in the VIP area.

How can the number of people who have rated my photo decrease?

When a member decides to terminate their account, if they have rated your photo, their rating will also be removed from our database.

Why has one of my contacts disappeared from my contacts list?

They may have removed you as a contact or they have deleted their account. You can search for them and if they are still using the site, you can try and contact them again. If they have blocked you, you won't be able to message them.

Why do my pictures never seem to appear in my photos?

When you upload a photo, our moderators will check to ensure that it does not violate our terms and conditions. If a photo does not comply with our terms, it will get rejected. If no photos are appearing on your profile and they were uploaded successfully, then they have probably been removed. If you have upload a photo that you believe is not in violation of our terms and it has not appeared on your profile within 48 hours, please contact us.