Messages from other members and account notifications

Understanding messages & notifications

Notifications can be found by clicking on the notifications link in the main options drop down menu. They are notifications about activity associated with your account such as messages you recieve, gifts, contact requests and system messages.

Why do I keep seeing new notifications when no new notifications have come through?

Some notifications will remain in your list even when you have read them. We suggest that you clear your notifications list regularly by either deleting individual notifications or the entire notification set.

How does the messaging system work?

When you send a message to someone or send one to you, a message thread box will appear in your inbox. You can select any thread to view the messages and to send more messages to a member. If a member has blocked you or they have set their preferences to only allow messages from members in their contacts list, you won't be able to message them. Premium members can also send private image attachments with their messages.

You can delete the entire thread content from the message dialogue box. Please note that messages older than 30 days are automatically deleted by the system.

Why did I get a spam notice in my messages?

We automatically tag certain messages with a spam notice. This does not necessarily mean the message is from a spammer or it contains anything to be worried about. It is just to notify you that messages that are similar could be from spammers and you will need to use your own judgement. Messages that are highlighted are those that are repeated, contain telephone numbers or email addresses.