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I'm British and have not had any flirts or offers. My Profile is up to date, picture a few years old, but believe i have not changed too much. At the moment all I get is apparent pretty American women sending notifications. Maybe I joined the wrong site on impulse?... more →

Posted: 2018-03-31 08:36:15

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  No results near me too!...

Like Healthnut555, I too am having difficulties finding someone for me in my area however my area has a much denser population and still there is a problem. I'm looking to find a women to make my wife around Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas, Saint Petersberg area. Even worse for me I am looking for a LTR and possibly having kids already or making kids....I am a good catch too but all I get i... more →

Posted: 2017-12-24 00:01:44

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  No results for matches near me...

If I try to find anyone with the available age range and gender I want anywhere near where I live, it says no results and gives me people from other states. I don't want a long distance relationship. Why aren't there any people near me? Are there just not a lot of people on this site, or is this a glitch? Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas how to fix it?... more →

Posted: 2017-09-01 07:48:14

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  Where is my FX gallery...

I have started a gallery which has been approved and it says to view it "go to your profile and select your FX gallery" but I don't see this anywhere on my profile. Please can someone tell me where it it. Thank you... more →

Posted: 2017-07-03 21:35:08

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  Flirthut problems and suggestions...

For some reason, the Search function returns exclusively males, when I am exclusively interested in females.... Also, the height selection should be reorganized to set minimum and maximum numbers, as should the age section, rather than forcing users to search a series of segments. I tried to notify Flirthut using the 'contact us' page, but got a banner that said I was not allowed to use that pag... more →

Posted: 2016-12-17 08:43:38

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  How do I get the love of my life on this platform?...

Please, someone help me out. I've sent request to some people I'll like to hook up with on this site. but non has ever accepted my request. please what am I supposed to do or do I look too unattractive?... more →

Posted: 2016-09-27 22:16:21

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Terminate my account...

How can I terminate my account when I can't even access my account. I've tried logging in with the correct username/password and it always goes back to the home screen. I've sent an email to the site support and they say to go into my account and choose settings. I can see my profile on the page "users who recently logged in" and it says things I never said about myself. WEIRD... more →

Posted: 2015-07-01 19:39:21

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  Facebook Posting...

I have several sites on facebook, where friends and family chat. Is there anyway to lock the link to facebook so my profile does not end up there? Maybe I am jumping the gun here a bit. I should ask is there any way my profile can be posted on facebook or twitter by another than myself. Thanks... more →

Posted: 2014-06-07 19:46:18

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  How do I earn credits?...

Hi, Please can you tell me how I earn flirthut credits? And what are they used for? Cheers Mands... more →

Posted: 2013-06-26 10:28:37

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  Small user base...

This is getting a bit ridiculous, but I have been on the site since before the big changes in September and I have seen nothing but a smaller user base since then. I am happy that the fake accounts are gone but the people who I did talk to are gone as well. I want so much for this site to succeed and would even pay to be a VIP if I saw anybody to make my time here worthwhile.... more →

Posted: 2013-01-15 21:11:10

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