Scammers paradise

I've been on this site for quite a while now and have been contacted by a long stream of seemingly attractive young ladies. Unfortunately, they are not what they seem to be. So, all of these ladies were not what they should be from their really nice interesting profiles. How can this be? Why so few contacts from local women and yet many from Near New York? It doesn't make much sense to me. The quality of English used is on a very poor level - which is in sharp contrast to the lovely photos on the profiles and the intelligent profile descriptions. So, sadly it seems that this website is a scammer's paradise. That is the conclusion forced upon me by the very poor responses and approaches.

Sad really, that this continues and nothing can improve the site to provide what it very much promises to deliver.
I'm being told that my post is too short. That it MUST BE 1500 characters. Really? Why would you require such a defined length for a post? How does that ensure or provide meaningful content? I'm sure that I've seen shorter posts on this site. And it would be nice if some measure was provided to those writing a post of how near or far they are from fulfilling such a requirement. Do we just keep writing until you tell us we have fulfilled your 1500 character rule?

So how many lines of words will add up to 1500 characters. It is difficult to imagine the answer!
I think that the concept of this site as FREE is wonderful freedom! It is in sharp contrast to the obviously designed money-making personals website that litter the internet. It is also an attractive website to use. Though its restrictions and rules can be a little difficult to understand. Like the 1500 character minimum post for example and the plethora of scam profile responses.

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Posted by member: michael2042
From: United Kingdom, Birmingham
Posted: 2021-08-03 19:53:24

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Comment/reply from: Flirthut Admin, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2021-08-04 10:48:44

We truly do understand your frustration as tackling scammers is something we have had to do since our inception. Introducing character limits is something that helps. One of the biggest issues we’ve faced recently is with how traffic is diverted to our website. Because we are a small, independent dating site when compared to the more mainstream services, search engines have reduced the priority they used to once give us. This has sadly made it very difficult for us to promote our service and thus get more genuine people signing up. Our operational budgets have been reduced over the years as a result so we can’t promote our service the way we used to. The service is free, and will always remain free, but unfortunately, that does come at a price, for us. Like a lot of other online services, it is becoming harder and harder to reach target audiences without huge advertising budgets. We’re still hanging on though and hope that with the support of people like yourself, we can slowly increase our popularity. The more genuine members we get, the more people there are for you to interact with. Thank you for your feedback and for continuing to support us. We need people like you to keep our service running. And remember, something is better than nothing! Please do help us to spread the word around. Many thanks.

Comment/reply from: Romeocowboy10, United States, San Antonio
Posted: 2023-06-29 19:04:24

Screen shot pics of women you're interested in and then reverse image search them using Yandex. If your interest has no web presence. Including sites for prostitution or only fans you might be safe. However I have discovered 85% of ALL dating site profiles on all sites are fake or being used to sell s*xual services. None of these companies care.

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