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Hello, Derek here from the UK. I'm doing what seems to be a simply ridiculous way of doing things in the line of online dating. I decided to join online dating quite a while ago now with all hopes, aspirations and excitement looking for the ideal date or even anything as it now happens. Loved filling in my details, putting photos on and all my preferences. I particularly stressed age plus or minus 7 years - I'm 67. Even now it seemed daft but I put looking for female. I have got to say I have been on 6 other sites before this one. Paid my fees quite willingly or some have been free. So no difference between the sites there. Waited for responses. Every site had replies from young girls young enough to be my granddaughter. This is ridiculous, I remember I put looking for female, I got men replying how funny is that. Now if I had approached these girls aged from 20 to 30, I would have be strung up from the nearest tree or lamppost. I've just got to put this in writing maybe to protect myself I don't know because the same thing is happening here. OK they are from USA so they can't get to me. I am counting myself as not Internet dating fodder. I suppose I'm writing this to get a reply myself off somebody to reassure me that it is all over the internet and carry on don't give up and all that jazz. D.

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Posted: 2020-02-26 20:47:53

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Comment/reply from: Louis T, United Kingdom,
Posted: 2020-02-27 16:23:45

Hi Derek, I think all dating sites are the same to be honest. Full of fake profiles and scammers. The young girls are usually fake profiles or cam girls. You find them everywhere. They just look for opportunities on the web. I've used the really popular dating sites with little to no success and had equally the same number of responses here on Flirthut. I don't think it matters what site or app you use. It's just a case of patience and making a bit of an effort. Make sure you filter out people that aren't in your area and just focus on people that are within a reasonable distance to where you are. It does take time though. I was dating someone for a while but it's all gone pear shape so I'm considering signing up here again!

Comment/reply from: Trek, United States, Oakland
Posted: 2020-04-10 00:45:27

Same here in the USA. I am 67 and I get the same stuff. Think about it; they might not even be girls. They might be some dude hustling with stolen photos from Uganda. Watch yourself. Be very Leary. NEVER FALL FOR THE LINE OF THEY NEED MONEY, THAT IS OLD LINE USED TO HUSTLE YOU.

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