No results near me too!

Like Healthnut555, I too am having difficulties finding someone for me in my area however my area has a much denser population and still there is a problem.

I'm looking to find a women to make my wife around Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Pinellas, Saint Petersberg area. Even worse for me I am looking for a LTR and possibly having kids already or making kids....I am a good catch too but all I get is scammers so far I bet I ave talked to 1000 of them and not one real person? If you are interested in good loyal man over 50 with a nice house, good job, and knows how to treat a women with real love and respect than your search is over.

If you are looking and not finding the person you want to be with I wouldn't sweat it don't let it get you down. This site is probably like most date sites I am finding for about every 30 people 28 are scammers anyhow......what is left is the really old and ugly...I know that sounds mean but yeah pretty much so and that is where the scammers may actually make some money, from the truly lonely! I have a theory that most sites know this is happening and don't care because it builds up there database and makes it appear as if they have more to offer. This site even has one of the scammer's most popular choice in pics. Here is the ad pic profile ( I figure the scammers have a code so they don't waste their own time trying to scam each other before they find out they are both date site scammers.

Healthnut555 I know how you feel!

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Posted by member: Missing2018
From: United States, Largo
Posted: 2017-12-24 00:01:44

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Posted: 2018-01-15 23:59:00

Unfortunately all dating sites have scammers. But filter through them and you never know, you might find your match. I'm still single but I'm pretty good at judging which profiles are genuine and which ones are fake now. It's usually pretty obvious. If she looks too good, then she probably is! But seriously, don't give up. It's like anything in life that's important. It takes time but when it happens, it'll change your world. Have a positive attitude and good things will happen.

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