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This is getting a bit ridiculous, but I have been on the site since before the big changes in September and I have seen nothing but a smaller user base since then. I am happy that the fake accounts are gone but the people who I did talk to are gone as well. I want so much for this site to succeed and would even pay to be a VIP if I saw anybody to make my time here worthwhile.

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Posted by member: SexyHunter
From: United States, Grafton
Posted: 2013-01-15 21:11:10

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Comment/reply from: asimeou, United Kingdom, Twickenham
Posted: 2013-01-15 21:31:12

Hi and thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your comments and support. Since we launched our new site, we saw our numbers drop drastically. This is because we have a lot of new technology in place in order to ensure our site is controlled so that genuine users can benefit from it. We have very little fake profiles being created now that we have certain filters in place and we have removed a lot of spammers and profiles using our site to lure people to other sites. We have worked hard and have a good system in place now to cope with a very large user base. Remember that unlike other dating sites, we are free and we don’t use a common database or buy our members. All our members are unique to us. I understand that it can be frustrating for some users due to the limited number of members, but please stick with us as our site grows. We have almost 60000 members now around the world and we are aiming to market Flirthut more this year and finish much of the VIP area which will hopefully drive a lot more traffic to the site. We apologise to any members who feel neglected with regards to our updates and would like to say to anyone reading this that Flirthut will continue to grow through 2013 and there are people working on the site every day. We would also like people to help us grow by spreading the word. We will reward all members who have shown support for our site – SexyHunter that means you too :o) so please be patient and rest assured that we will get there eventually.

Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2013-03-31 23:35:43

I have reported a couple of spammers to no avail. For example, there's a supposed female General on the site, suggest you Google her and you will discover that it's a total scam. Oh, she's a General all right, but she NEVER came on to any sites. Another was a lady who claimed to be from Lima - OH. Actually Ghana... Reported her also. So when will something be done?

Comment/reply from: asimeou, United Kingdom, Twickenham
Posted: 2013-03-31 23:41:05

Hi jkliegman, Flirthut has an automated spam detection system which recognizes spammers when they are reported and also picks up suspicious activity too. Until the offenders have offended repeatedly, they are not considered a threat. If several people report the same profile, that profile will get banned. Since we made it harder for spammers to message lots of people at once, they generally give up after several attempts which could explain why they are still on the site. Please report profiles you think are spammers because the automated system relies on people like you reporting them. Just remember though that because you report someone, doesn't mean they will automatically get removed. It depends on how many others report them and how frequently.

Comment/reply from: Teevo, United States,
Posted: 2014-07-16 21:15:18

Big up Flirthut! Just come across this site and just signed up to join. Looks wicked!

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