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I have to say congratulations Flirthut for having an open forum where non-members can also leave a post. Hoping this one gets through, I think more sites need to have open forums like this. It is a real pain having to remember passwords and such for all the different sites I visit and was a little bit shocked to come across your open forums. I was actually searching for a free dating when I came across Flirthut and couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the open forum. I did think at the time that an open forum would be prone to spam attacks and idiots posting all sorts of vulgar stuff but I think the system you have adopted should work fine (providing this message gets through). I'm interested to know how you screen posts and messages on here – just curious.

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Written by: Steve Lipscombe
From: United Kingdom,
Posted: 2012-10-03 22:23:03

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Comment/reply from: asimeou, United Kingdom, Twickenham
Posted: 2012-10-03 22:41:31

Thanks Steve. We hope the open forum will encourage members and guests to actively participate on Flirthut and I’m sure we’ll learn a lot as we go along. For your information, we have to read each message and comment that’s posted before it’s published. It’s a bit of a painful process, but in an open forum this is essential to prevent content that is irrelevant and possibly offensive. Thanks for contributing and I hope to see you sign up!

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