What matters in a relationship?

1. The communication is the most important in a relationship. Some people say it is the key. Without communication, everything falls apart. It matters in a friendship, intimate relationship, business, or work relationship. The lack of communication sends the message of not being interested anymore, or the willingness of breaking up, without hurting the feelings of the other one.

2. Honesty is important, because otherwise, the person you are in a relationship with, can get the wrong idea of your intentions, or actions. If you want the relationship to last, talk openly about the problems you have and find a solution. If it's an intimate problem, don't avoid it, don't be embarrassed, work it out.

3. Honesty brings us to trust. Trust is important, so you don't worry when you're apart; about the safety of the partner, or loyalty.

4. Understanding is also the element that strengthens the relationship. Sometimes you need to be apart for a while, for work, or health reasons or need a "me" time. Sometimes you need comfort related to a problem. Sometimes you enjoy an activity that your partner doesn't. Either do it alone, or together, but don't forget to communicate about it. So, you see, all those four aspects are interconnected.

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Posted by member: Stef7blue
From: United States, Apache Junction
Posted: 2020-05-08 02:17:52

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