Intimacy during lockdown - surely it was meant to get better?

So, your wife is uninterested in s*x. So far, so common.

Normally, her excuses are along the lines of:

1. I'm too tired
2. I'm too stressed
3. We don't spend enough time together
4. There's a lot on my mind at the moment
5. I've got to get up early tomorrow morning.

Sound familiar? Then tell me something: has it got better for you during lockdown? Because it sure as hell hasn't for me.

We are both off work, we spend all day together, we can get up whenever. It's as if God, by way of small compensation for all the pain and suffering caused by this virus, has said "Well my children, at least you get to make love more. Go forth and fornicate".

Can anyone tell me what difference, if any, lockdown has made to their s*x life? Just curious to find out if I'm the only sucker who's still waiting for his partner to get bored enough to consider physical contact as a viable pastime.

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Posted by member: GregUK
From: United Kingdom, Glasgow
Posted: 2020-07-26 19:02:31

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