How to Get Dates With Women

You have to freshen up your appearance.

What you look like may not be the most important aspect of attracting women, but it DOES matter. Some guys wish that it did not matter at all, but it does to some extent. If it has been a while since you have updated your wardrobe or gotten a fresh, new haircut... go for it. Realize that the first impression a woman is going to have of you IS how you look.

You have to be the one that starts the conversation with a woman.

Sometimes you will end up in a situation where the woman is the one that starts the conversation, but you cannot count on that happening all of the time. And if you really want to see things turn around right now, then you have to be the one that starts the interaction. Regardless of the equality among men and women today, it's still an alpha male quality to start the conversation.

You must be able to flirt with her in a way that generates attraction.

Simple small talk is usually not going to make a woman want you, though it may make her like you on a friend level. If you want to make a woman really want you, then you have to generate attraction with her while you are flirting. Do a little more than just make small talk and you will get a much better response from the women you meet.

Make her feel as though she has to win YOU over.

Most guys approach a woman and make it really obvious that they want her to like them. And so, the power is always in the woman's hands. That is not a good thing, not if you want to be successful at attracting women and getting dates. You have to hold some of the power and to do this, you need to make her feel like she is the one that has to win YOU over.

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Posted by member: jasoncooper
From: United States, Central Bridge
Posted: 2016-10-10 22:13:01

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Comment/reply from: SamarthGodara, India, Jaipur
Posted: 2016-10-17 15:30:25

My advice would be start real slow, like ask the girl to take a walk in the garden or just have an ice cream nearby. Don't take it too fast too soon.

Comment/reply from: J.S, United Kingdom,
Posted: 2018-01-16 22:46:31

The biggest piece of advice I would give is, just be yourself and be honest. Don't try and be someone you're not. Be yourself and you'll attract the right girl. I've always done this and I've had many dates in my time giving me the chance of being the choosy one.

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