Friends with benefits includes intimacy or not?

Friends care for each other and friends ought to have each other's backs. But in a situation where you have an opposite s*x friend acting jealous or reprimanding you concerning your love life whereas it's just a matter of being friends with each other; 1 should intimacy be added or 2 must friends with benefits end in intimacy?
Or what should we say is friends with benefits?
Can those in marriage or relationship have friends with benefits and what could possibly be reasons behind it?
Same time if one is kind of single but has a friends with benefits going on could we call that a relationship or mating together has made friends with benefits turn to relationship?
Most times, you hear people addressing the opposite s*x as besties or friends with benefits . What do we call that or say is truly happening in this regard?
Let me be as blunt as I can!
We live in a changing time and an ever evolving society that things are actually not the same with different people depending on location, orientation and culture.
Friends with benefits, simply means a situation where you have a friend that can add value to you or your life. This could be business link up or any mutual support.
Whereas, emotional imbalances have grown astronomically that often times those in relationship don't get standard support from the one tied to in so called relationship. However, in order to get balance in the emotional challenge one may be forced to take solace in the arms of a stranger who is ready to help or a known ally with whom one is not actually going out with.
The issue of mating together could come along the way due to constant communication, thereby developing feelings for each other. In many cases it was just innocent friendly stuff, and pronto in the absence of the one meant to occupy the spot. The door for amorous things might be opened up.

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Posted by member: Gafolu
From: Nigeria, Lagos
Posted: 2023-10-26 09:12:49

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