Over 30 and Nerdy

Hi, I'm Arthur and I'm 39!

I am at a place in my life where I want to date again and things are great for me. I feel I am level headed, hard-working, confident (not arrogant), and ambitious.

I stream on Twitch and work a full-time job! Most of the time I feel great and it doesn't take me much to get out of a funk, because, hey, we all get like that. I'm just an optimist.

My problem is I can't find a woman that has my carefree nature and nerdy tendencies. Most women my age want/have kids, I don't and don't want them. What I want is simple yet hard to find: A woman who wants to be my "Player 2" and if you don't know what this means you're probably not my type.

I want a partner who loves games but is responsible. One that is nerdy and an optimist (a lot of women I've met have been angry and I understand the hurt. This coming from a guy who's been cheated on twice but I refuse to let it make me bitter). I want someone who is level headed, intelligent, silly and rolls with the punches life gives her.

Dating sites I've gone to have yielded zero matches and I'm happy to go on living my single successful life but one issue springs up; I'm a romantic.

I'm here today because I don't know where to search (beyond troublesome dating sites) being the person I am; behind a computer screen, taking walks and meeting most of my friends online.

On the dating sites, I never get a response and I feel my ability to speak to people should make it easy for at least a passing interest. No one seems to be my type and it just seems unlikely that I've touched on all the sources.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you, From an appreciative, approachable, geek

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Written by: Arthur
From: United States,
Posted: 2020-03-28 13:33:16

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Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2023-03-01 04:17:50

I'm sure this have something to do where you searching. It is difficult to find a woman who has the same interests, maybe you try someone who at first glance does not meet your search criteria. My experience is that women from a simple conditions are more involved in someone who does not correspond to the standard.

Comment/reply from: brenda007, Malawi, Blantyre
Posted: 2023-03-10 09:19:02

for the life of me I couldn't find any guys interested in nerdy girls so feels good to see this post

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