Multiple Dating Etiquette

I am newly single and 42 and found that dating sites are pretty awesome! But the problem is, although some might think it's a good problem to have, is that I have lots of interest and I don't know what the etiquette is for multiple dating, as I have always had long term relationships. Do I tell them I'm seeing other men too or do I hide it? What if they are not seeing anybody else. It's all so complicated. Some help would be great! Thank you

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Written by: ConfusedJen
From: United Kingdom,
Posted: 2013-11-26 08:18:37

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Comment/reply from: xtrasmooth1, United Kingdom, Hounslow
Posted: 2016-04-25 21:38:28

Forget all the rest and come out with me, problem solved :)

Comment/reply from: AndreaRiley143, Australia, Sydney
Posted: 2018-02-05 23:43:42

You don't need to tell them that you're seeing other men, If they ask what you're doing, tell them you're "meeting up with a friend." If they ask which friend, defer, or lie. And don't, under any circumstances, bring it up yourself. That's just an issue of common courtesy. When you're on a date with someone, they deserve your undivided attention. Maybe, more importantly they deserve to feel like they have your undivided attention.

Comment/reply from: Stev, United States, Abbotsford
Posted: 2019-11-08 13:36:30

Tell him that you are meeting a friend and that is all that

Comment/reply from: SikSimon, United States, Holiday
Posted: 2020-08-25 02:35:50

I always say we ain't married I can date who I want

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