How To Be Irresistible To Women - 3 TIPS!

To be irresistible means to be so adorable and delightful, that you're impossible to resist.

Meeting women and being irresistible to them will not happen overnight, however hang on, there are some things that you can do to hype yourself up and become irresistible.

Sounds impossible?

By the time you finish this article, you will have gained a new perception.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you become irresistible to women.

1. Work On Your Posture:

I bet you didn't expect this one right?

In Yoga, posture is everything, if you doubt this, take a minute to google bad postures and your jaw will drop at the differences between good and bad posture. Once the shoulders is slouched, the neck and belly protrudes, and it looks horrible. It's difficult to project confidence with a bad posture, and makes you look like you don't care much about yourself or life. So, stop slouching and stand up straight, good posture is an expected component in men.

For example: who are you most likely to value, a man with great posture who exudes confidence, or a guy who is slouching with his head 2 feet in front of him?

Even if you don't have confidence in yourself, you can begin to project confidence simply by walking tall, with your head up, stomach in and chest out!

Further more, you can acquire genuine confidence by maintaining a good posture! This is one of the most basic things you can do to make yourself more attractive to women. Practice in front of the mirror, and ask friends to remind you when your posture is off. Keep practicing, and be conscious that your stomach is in, chest is out and shoulders are straight.

2. Smile:

I interviewed someone for a costumer service position and couldn't hire him because he didn't possess a natural smile. Imagine going to a coffee shop and being served by someone who looks miserable? I consider myself to be a "customer service" kind of guy for life because, you never know who you are going to meet through the power of your smile. I've seen many deals go bad, because of a bad attitude.

Now, you are "smiling" plus "standing tall", these are two fundamental prize winners for life, and that'll also make you irresistible to women. Your posture will produce confidence and your smile will make you delightful.

Learn to carry a gentle smile with you always, and when its time to smile, smile with your whole face, including your eyes and you will become more attractive.

Think about the word "attract" and what does attract do? Now think of the word attractive, now think of when a girl says "I find him attractive" it's more than his looks.

3. Independent:

Showing signs that you are independent produces security, which women love.There is nothing worse that a needy guy who seeks attention.

The tricks:

- Play it smooth, casual and don't suffocate her
- Show her that you are OK with life (be outgoing)
- Don't be afraid to drift around and mingle
- Place attention elsewhere, like to friends etc.

This is s*xy for women because of the challenge aspect:

You can see this easily when paying attention to one child over another, the child who deserves your attention, would even put up a fight with the child who is robbing her from your attention, it's the same concept.

As adults we also fight for attention, but usually show it through feelings of undesirability or/and rejection.

Taking a minute to get away creates an urgency for your presence, especially if you have made a good impression, this urgency will produce an irresistible level inside her, and if she says, oh come here and sit with me, you are in, baby!

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Posted by member: Juanes33
From: United States, Central Bridge
Posted: 2019-08-15 22:23:54

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