What is the best thing to write in your dating profile?

I searched the internet for the question of what to write in your profile and found this to be one of the best idea: "My name is (whatever) and I'm looking for a girlfriend. I'm fifty-five years old, with muddy brown hair, deathly pale waxy skin, and cold, dead fish eyes. In my spare time I sit in front of the PC, read, gamble or read and gamble while I am sitting in front of the PC. I'm indifferent, boring, neurotic and not particularly bright. I can't think of any positive character traits at the moment, but I think it's at least possible that that could change if I had a few hours to think about it. Although… no, I would probably be about as far as I am now. Seeking a woman with an active lifestyle, a sense of humor, waist length hair (platinum blonde), breast implants (large), makeup (a lot), patience and tolerance (infinite). In addition, she should be able to live as well as possible with being compared to another woman for every second she spends with me, for whom she would only be an insufficient substitute. Whoever meets these requirements... should reconsider their lives, I guess. Or write me a PM. What ever... " If you really write something like that in your profile, do women understand this kind of humor or are they more likely to be put off by such an unusual description ? What is more important, a strong sense of humor or a boring description of yourself ? Many women always say that humor is more important to them than anything else, but would you really understand something like that or would you rather be put off by such a description ? Please let me know what you think about it, I'm open to any idea.

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Posted: 2023-03-03 19:42:01

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