The secrets of successful online dating for men

There are a few golden rules when it comes to successful online dating. Women want to see a good picture of you. And by good, I mean a clear one that shows your face. They want to know who they could be dating. Even if it’s NSA fun you’re looking for, a face is still important. Have a shave before you take a picture and try and do it on a proper camera and not on a smart phone with your finger visible half way across the lens. At least one good picture of you is taking the right step forward. And if you have more than one picture to upload, make sure they are all just as good as each other. Don’t be tempted to upload a picture that looks of poor quality next to the others. It’ll be the joker in the pack and probably put a prospective date off. And if you don’t want anyone to see what you look like, then I would give up dating online – no woman will feel comfortable chatting to an object or a person that has no real and visible identity.

When you find a lady you’re interested in, send them a contact request and if they don’t respond within a week, send them a message with a gift using Flirthut’s gift page. Keep your message clean, be polite and don’t just say, “hi, how are you?”. Be more imaginative than that. Women love guys with imaginations. Wow her – let her see a message that will get her thinking. That way you’re guaranteed to get a response from her because she’ll be curious. And make sure the gift you choose is appropriate for someone you don’t know. Just because the other person is online, the same rules apply as they would in real life.

When your prospective date messages you back or accepts your contact request, play it cool and be nice and considerate with them. Don’t send messages with sexual connotations just because you’re desperate. Women don’t like desperate men – even women who are looking for a casual relationship. Keep your messages clean and make the content interesting, but don’t go overboard with interest otherwise you will appear desperate again. At all costs, avoid the “hi, how are you” type message as you won’t hear back from them for sure. Look at her pictures and see if there’s anything you could comment on or ask her about, other than body related questions which again will put them off instantly. Keep your language clean until you have built up some form of rapport online otherwise they’ll turn you away and you’ll be back searching again.

Your profile should be complete too because women will look at it. A woman wants to know as much detail as she can about a guy before she even begins to feel comfortable. Make sure your profile is as complete as it can be.

And remember, online dating can take some time and patience but the rewards are there for those who are serious about meeting someone online.

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Posted by member: asimeou
From: United Kingdom, Twickenham
Posted: 2012-10-09 21:12:29

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Comment/reply from: Renee Alberto, France,
Posted: 2012-11-07 20:22:47

Interesting read, but does anyone take any notice? I think at the end of the day, it all boils down to how good looking you are as to whether you stand any chance of meeting someone online.

Comment/reply from: FrankvonMajik, United Kingdom, Herne Hill
Posted: 2016-11-03 20:54:40

As a user looking for a date, I completely agree with you. I would definitely prefer to chat with someone whose picture I have seen. Yes, a clear picture. I also believe that the content and tone of the conversation reveals a lot about the person. So, what is posted sure makes sense.

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