How genuine are people on Bumble and Tinder?

I've been on Bumble and Tinder for a bit but a lot of ladies on there are escorts to my surprise. I fell into the trap of almost going on a date with one until she started talking about money. What really annoys me the most is how much time I wasted chatting to her. Things were going so well and it was a real boost for my ego that's already low. She seemed so genuine and was interested in what I had to say. She even told me about how long she'd been a member on Bumble and how many dates she'd had that didn't work out. I had similar experiences on Tinder but at least those women made it pretty clear what they were after right from the start. I even reported some profiles on Bumble but I'm not entirely sure if they were deleted. Some of the profiles even have pictures of the women holding up signs that clearly point to webcamming sites or similar. I didn't think dating apps like Bumble and Tinder allowed that sort of thing? Or am I just out of touch with what's acceptable these days?

Are dating apps allowed to advertise the services of escorts? I didn't think they were. I thought dating apps were all about getting single people together. If I wanted an escort, I thought there were websites specifically for that? Will I have the same problem signing up with Flirthut? Honest answers please. I haven't joined yet and I'm not sure whether I should. My thinking is that it's less likely I'll meet someone dodgy on a less popular dating app. I'm not after much. Just want to meet a good clean lady to have as a girlfriend and hopefully a long term partner. It seems virtually impossible to do these days, or at least to find someone genuine.

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Written by: Scotty
From: United Kingdom,
Posted: 2020-01-22 10:04:59

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Comment/reply from: beesty, United States, Abbeville
Posted: 2020-01-22 16:40:55

Hi Scotty, I use Flirthut every so often and it’s pretty much the same, just in smaller doses. The photos on here seem to be moderated though so you don’t get women obviously posting links to their webcamming sites or for personal services but when you do start chatting to some, it’s clear that’s what they are! I don’t think you can get away from it. Just use common sense and your own judgement. It’s all the same pile of **** in the end anyway!

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