Why men are not attracted to me

I am 40, in great shape and full of energy, but it seems that men are not attracted to me. It's been four years of no dates and no s*x. I love to travel, go to movies, festivals, outings, concerts, museums, and lots of fun stuff. I have a successful professional career, good health and I am very passionate about many issues like the environment and social justice movements. I tried online dating at eharmony for six months but didn't meet anyone. Actually zero conversations from it. Sometimes I think it's gonna be like this forever. I mean not even a coffee date in 4 years is a long time. It seems like all men around have no interest in anything whatsoever. Actually it is very rare to even see single men going to the places and activities that I like, like hiking, the beach, festivals, etc.. I always read that men are attracted to confident, talented, independent women with their own life and interests, but, I don't know, I am that woman and no guy seems to ever notice me anywhere.

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Written by: Lilliam
Posted: 2019-07-23 02:03:39

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Comment/reply from: wd11, United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Posted: 2019-08-16 11:34:12

Please stop putting yourself short if the guys you wont to chat to are not interested in you then that's their loss not yours. You sound like a fun person to spend time with and I like walking on the sand and movie and cuddle's on the sofa, rubbing sore feet after a hard day, so chin up and walk tall.

Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2019-08-19 20:46:02

hi if no guy makes a move on you just reverse situation and you hit up on one if you like the look of them. just general chat to begin with you may be surprised how quickly things change for you. good luck and keep on looking someone will pop up trust yourself. xx

Comment/reply from: triolis, United States, Cassadaga
Posted: 2019-09-21 11:30:58

Sometimes I surf various webchats and can meet girls who undress for money. So I want to give a piece of advice. Girls, take care of yourself. Men do not like scrubby women. Take care of yourselves. Love yourselves. Do not describe everything at once. Men like to know everything gradually and never ask them about an ex and do not tell them about your ex. Anyway, when you undress on camera, it’s better to keep silence. Use only trusted web links to start your work and take into consideration all mentioned above.

Comment/reply from: Alexa, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2020-03-04 23:50:10

You can flip on a man's "Obsession Switch" by making him see romance as a game he can win Guys love a good competition. In fact, men are wired to compete. Competitive games drive the social interaction of boys on the elementary school playground. When they grow up (…if they grow up) they throw their energy into work, physical fitness, acquiring man-toys, or adventures of various types. What if you could channel all that energy toward the relationship he has with you? You can. And the key is flipping a switch. A switch in his biological reaction system. A switch that causes him to see his relationship with you as the ultimate opportunity to prove himself as a man.

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