Why do men cheat on their girlfriend that they claimed they love?

My ex-boyfriend cheated on me by sleeping with his female colleague at work. He was very friendly with most of his female colleagues at work, I thought that he was just been friendly with his colleagues which is very good considering the fact that it is healthy for person to be friendly with the people around him or her.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken to say the least, I came to his house without his notice because he gave me his spare keys, so I decided to pay him a visit without his notice. When I got to his house, his security man told me that he travelled out of town, and he will be back in two weeks. I pretended as if I want to go back because I knew that he was lying to me. I saw him the morning of that day, but he did not know that I saw him.

However, I went to his house without the notice of the security man, I opened his door with his spare key that he gave to me. Wow, guess what I saw in the house! I saw my boyfriend making love with his colleague in his house. They were making love in his room; I caught them red handed with pants down. He was surprised to see me because he did not imagine that I will be in house at that time. He was so shocked to see me, and I was amazed with his reactions.

He went straight and lied to my face that it was his colleague that seduced him at the office, and they had to agree that they will meet in his house. His colleague was dismayed with his lying approach that she told me that my ex-boyfriend was lying to me, she said that it was my ex-boyfriend that wooed her to his house, and he told her that he does not have a girlfriend. His colleague told me that he pleaded to her to be his girlfriend and she agreed.

So, I broke up with him, I have been asking myself this question. Why do men cheat on their girlfriend who they claimed that they love?

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Posted by member: Zhaoxian
From: China, Guangzhou
Posted: 2022-11-21 10:58:02

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Comment/reply from: chloe9, United States, Van Buren Point
Posted: 2023-02-24 09:17:51

oh so sorry

Comment/reply from: Frank, United States,
Posted: 2023-11-12 21:07:32

Younger guys cheat nothing you did wrong. You need a older man. Older men have more respect for the relationship and will treat you like a queen.

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