Virgin at 30

Having never dated and being a virgin at the age of 30, is that something that is a turn off for men? Is holding onto your virginity for the night of the wedding asking for too much? Shouldn't the person you're with see that as a sign of dedication for him, and respect that? Yes, I'm too shy and I don't know how to approach men. Or when men do approach me, or even say hi at a distance, I shy and scurry away.

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Posted: 2016-05-31 22:11:09

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Comment/reply from: XXXCaryGrant, United States, Bellevue
Posted: 2016-06-02 22:18:59

No, it is not a turn off if you haven't had sex yet silly, its kind of an honor actually. It is a very special time for you, enjoy yourself.!!

Comment/reply from: stevieg34, United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Posted: 2016-06-15 08:59:46

I'd always dreamed of getting with a virgin. It wouldn't put me off in the slightest. One of the lads in the office who used to play around a lot used to tell us about the times he'd slept with girls and found out they were virgins. He used to love it! It makes the occasion more special for the woman. Some blokes will probably disagree with this, but It would never be a problem for many.

Comment/reply from: Squeezemeforasquirt, United Kingdom, Newton Stewart
Posted: 2016-07-01 22:10:24

There's always someone out there for everyone I think it's pretty hot your a virgin

Comment/reply from: Penny1989, United Kingdom, Trowbridge
Posted: 2016-09-11 22:36:28

Hi, I am a man 27yr old and I personally think holding out is a good thing. I'm not a virgin myself but I wish I waited to have sex with someone who really mattered and there are no decent girls out there like you that I can find. They all f*cked by the third date - makes me think they're a bit of a slag so don't worry. Your doing the right thing. It's definitely a turn on for me.

Comment/reply from: 1GENUINEnsincereguy4, New Zealand, North Shore
Posted: 2016-09-23 08:33:09

I can totally understand what your saying. I like to say if a guy can look at you as an equal and give you the respect and dignity you deserve then he is worthy of you. You do have the right to say NO. If he cannot respect that word then walk away - he is not worth it. I'd love to have a chat sometime and give you some insight.

Comment/reply from: Mike1982, United States, Chico
Posted: 2016-10-07 07:21:36

I admire you. It's a turn on for me and I wish I would've waited. I'm 34 still unmarried and shy as well. Only been with 3 girls my whole life all of them fucked within a week, all because of them. If they didn't want sex yet, I would've held out myself

Comment/reply from: , Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2016-11-06 10:11:10

Thanks so much guys. Your words do make me quite honored. I think it's really a struggle finding someone that's appreciative of you, be it a man or a woman. And of course there are people out there that are great but it seems more difficult to find? Maybe I'm too shy and introverted to find someone. They say good men are everywhere; you just have to know where to find them. It's not as easy as just that. Without social cues, how would you or they know to approach. Certainly putting up a sign that I'm single would be awkward to say the least. So how would a shy person like myself do it when I can't even look straight at an attractive man? And not to sound off putting, I would think I'm somewhat decent looking, or so I've been told.

Comment/reply from: Yuliya910, United States, Central Bridge
Posted: 2017-05-16 09:46:59

Maybe you should try marriage agency?

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