Should a girl never have guy friends?

Hi All,

I am 33 years old and have never been in any relationship. I am outgoing and easy to talk to, but never has a guy taken interest in me. I would say that I have been bro-zoned a lot of times.

Recently I met a guy who actually treated me like a girl and took interest in me. My loud laugh, my weight, my dusky look didn't matter to him. I have developed a soft spot for him and we started dating. However he says that I shouldn't have any male friends and should never converse with them. It's not that he doesn't trust me but he doesn't trust guys.

This makes me feel irrational because it's not like I hang out with guys around. All my guy friends are married and have their priorities. We sometimes talk on phone. We share reels on Insta we laugh and it's like I have known them since my school or college. I don't know why he is so rigid about this and when I say let's talk about it he just looses his patience and call out anything that comes to his mind. Doesn't allow me to say a thing , he thinks I will justify.

Do all guys think that girls shouldn't have guy friends? As per him why there is a need of friend if I have a boy friend. He thinks that girls and boys should maintain a distance and should not be friends. There can never be friendship between them. I went to a pub with my group of friends which had both girls and guys but he shot up on seeing my group photo along with a guy and said that putting up photo for internet with guys makes me characterless and a s*ut.

I like the guy and he is great but when he talks like this or wants me to be a certain way, it feels like I just have to obey and not talk or express.

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Written by: Nia
Posted: 2023-05-15 21:44:14

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Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2023-09-26 15:47:37

There's nothing wrong with a girl having guys for friends, the same way as guys may have girls in his life that are just friends. Traditionally we live in a 50/50 world. Men and Women. You can't and likely wont get the same type of support from a female friend as you would a guy friend. The fact of the matter is, whether anyone wants to admit it or not these days, men and women are not "built" the same. Though society has blurred these lines and tried to make it so.

Comment/reply from: Don7654, United States, Astoria
Posted: 2024-03-26 20:29:26

As a divorced older male, lots of my girlfriends and ex wife had guy friends. I trusted them and that’s part of the issue here. Some of them broke that trust and I sent them on their way, it hurt but wasn’t meant to be. If he has chosen you to be with he should trust you

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