Oral S*x

I'm in a relationship with a man who will not perform oral sex on me, he has only twice in 13 months but that's all... I'm completely waxed and very clean so I don't understand what the issue is. Is this common? can you please shed some light on this?

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Written by: Carmen
From: Australia,
Posted: 2016-09-24 08:24:04

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Comment/reply from: Newboy1965, United Kingdom, Crewkerne
Posted: 2016-09-25 19:26:23

All I can say Carmen is that he must be mad!!!

Comment/reply from: welington, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2016-09-25 19:26:49

Get him away from his work and coax him, give him the pleasure of in whatever way you would like. Surely he will next time give you the pleasure you want.

Comment/reply from: Tguercio, United States, State College
Posted: 2016-10-04 08:52:50

To be honest I'm not sure why that's happening. I don't hear of that very often. I enjoy getting down there for a lack of better words. Maybe give him a toe curling bj and he may change his mind.

Comment/reply from: ben4fun11, Australia, Cooran
Posted: 2016-10-05 08:34:30

Yeah it is an oddity. Most guys I know love to give oral sex.... I find my jaw gets a tad sore after a while but hey I would never refuse a lady some pleasure time :)

Comment/reply from: Former member, Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2016-10-17 15:11:47

Hi, were a couple, so we can give you both sides of it.. We both know a few guys (and girls) who completely refuse to ever go down on a woman (or man), some we know don't even want a woman (or man) to go down on them either! Which is almost unheard of!. We know, it's crazy right?! But, the best thing for you to do is to just be upfront, open and honest about how you feel about it. There's never any point in holding stuff in - that just leads to resentment and further problems! Just let him know that your really into receiving (and/or giving) oral. Throw in a "Well, If you won't do it to me, I'm sure 10,000 others would be glad to". Even if you wouldn't look elsewhere, that would let him know you really want him to, and if he leaves over it, good, then you can find a guy who likes "seafood"! Also, maybe he presumes he's not good at it, most guy's have no idea how to go about it and end up never wanting to do it, or they are the type who lick or suck the wrong spots the wrong way, and have been told so, and are now hesitant or resistant to doing it, entirely. Maybe you could make it fun for both of you. Why not show him exactly where and how you like it; up and down? Back and forth? Left and right? Circular pattern? Lick harder or softer. Suck hard or soft, etc. For guy's, it's really more or less a guessing game, seeing how there's no "one technique suits all" map or guide. Hope that helps, Good Luck

Comment/reply from: , Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2017-04-13 21:48:12

Take control. Just sit on his face or other option 69 but twice in that amount of time aint right

Comment/reply from: alvin6561, Iran, Tehrān
Posted: 2017-09-09 22:14:45

I just know that one day he will get regretful.

Comment/reply from: shawnfromnh, United States, Lisbon
Posted: 2020-01-02 08:55:14

I probably do more of that the first time me and whoever I am with the first hour or so down there than he has done in 13 months. You could make sure it's all smooth down there and tell him straight out, you do this or you don't get anything. He sounds either clueless or selfish and is only worried about his pleasure.

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