I can't figure him out

I met this guy. We were talking, texting, snap chatting nonstop for over 2 weeks. Treated me like a girlfriend, talking about future dates and meeting the parents. Then one day he started a new job and everything almost stopped. I asked him what was up and he said he didn’t want a relationship. I don’t want that either. I’m super busy. But, we became super close and I like him a lot. So we decided friends with benefits. But whenever I offered an invitation he always turns it down saying he’s too busy. I kept my distance cause it feels like he doesn’t like me anymore but he always texts me first and then when we start a conversation it takes forever for him to reply. I hate games! What should I do?

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Posted: 2017-02-26 23:34:33

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Comment/reply from: , Location, Undisclosed
Posted: 2017-04-13 21:48:25

Time to move on ... probably married or in a relationship .... cut all ties cos if he was into you like you were on him . he would be replying asap

Comment/reply from: grahame1234, United Kingdom, Dunstable
Posted: 2017-04-23 09:22:54

Hi, i think he's scared. I know i am its alright chatting but meeting is i find scary and i'm a man. Hope this helps.

Comment/reply from: divine110, Cameroon, Douala
Posted: 2017-04-24 22:18:41

Boys (men) do have a way of reasoning of acting which is applicable to most if not all. Men will think of a career first, before deciding to be serious in a relationship, that's for a serious and hardworking man. And if it is not certain of securing his career, then he will not be serious on a relationship. Most men like to be straight and forward in texting on the phone, 'how was your day?' , 'fine' that is the reply from a busy man, and not only at that you women are to teach most men how to be romantic. If the question was the other way round, the lady will never stop at 'fine', the least romantic woman will go further to explain what made her day fine or bad and try to get her partners part of the story as of how he spend the day. Whenever you think it's not moving with a guy as you expected just let him know and ask for an explanation. If he is serious he will explain things to you.

Comment/reply from: carriep17, Canada, Toronto
Posted: 2017-05-16 09:49:19

When dating a man, one of your goals should be to prove his authenticity before giving him your heart.

Comment/reply from: TakenALeap, United States, Amityville
Posted: 2017-08-07 22:26:30

My logic is a man should earn your time and attention. If a man does not show you in his actions (not his words) that he's worthy then it's time to set him free. If you're not giving second best, why should you ever accept it? Don't waste your time with somebody that's not going to give you everything that you need. Much success to you in your journey but cut your losses now because in the end you will be the only one getting hurt.

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