Does this guy still like me?

Last year I met a guy who I felt I had a great connection with and he admitted he really liked me. We were both living in the same city at the time, so it was easy to see him. Unfortunately, after a few dates, I had to move home for unforeseen reasons, and we decided that we could not do a long-distance relationship.

Six months passed before I contacted him again to stay in touch as I was moving back to the city. I asked if he wanted to meet for a drink, thinking that if he had a girlfriend, he would say no and that it was inappropriate.

He did respond and said that he was with someone now but would still like to meet me as long as his girlfriend was ok with it, but he did sound enthusiastic.

What shall I make of his intentions? Does he want to be friends, or does he still like me? We weren't friends before we were dating, so his wanting to meet up has confused me! I don’t want to get involved with a love triangle!

Please can you give me your opinion on how he feels?

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Written by: Mia
Posted: 2020-03-01 16:23:14

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Comment/reply from: Trek, United States, Oakland
Posted: 2020-03-11 13:53:51

You should pass. You will only create confusion for yourself and potential problems for him and her. Time to move on.

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