Am I too nice to guys I like?

I have tried online dating. I try to be friendly, nice and am really straight forward. Like I guess females aren't supposed to be like that? Every time I'm completely straightforward telling a guy I like him straight up, I find him attractive, I tell him he's beautiful. 1st guy I talked to I tried to let in every way possible that I was interested in him. We added each other on Facebook and I looked at his feeds. A lot of the stuff was like conservative and I was liking it. And he got mad and asked if I was a transsexual. And said I was fake etc... Before this he contacted me and asked me out.

I had other guys say they were not looking to pay for fun as if I was a prostitute or hooker. Most of the time I was just saying hi how are you doing. Or one guy I was responding to implied I was a hooker and I told him I was a virgin but considering I was only halfway attracted to him I told him the truth about my little sexual preferences and said i wasn't sure if I wanted to **** him or him **** me. That shut him up. This one guy I had been really friendly with, I was shyer when it got to like intimate conversations, I'm so used to getting rejected that I didn't want to just respond that way through text and him get uncomfortable with me taking interest in him that way. I told him that because I was trying to be respectful. Then he said not much weirds him out but then somehow for some reason he started asking me if I was transgender. This time I kind of let him have it more than the last time with the other guy. But I did eventually give him a chance because he wasn't just taunting me like the last guy. As much.

I mean I'm turning 25 and I haven't been with anyone and I hadn't done anything with a guy before that point. I needed someone, anyone, that I found mildly attractive. So I did go on a date with him but I never had sex of any kind. I thought maybe I'd grow on him and he'd grow to be comfortable with me but it didn't work out, but he still tried and even currently tries to text me for sex me knowing I want nothing to do with him one because of how he feels about me. And secondarily because I realized I wasn't as attracted to him in person because he was small physically. And I'm generally attracted to tall guys 6 foot and over and he couldn't really even hold me because hes 125 lbs and 5'6" and I'm like 110 and 5'2" I can be more than that I never constantly weighed myself I could close to his weight but generally I'm under 120 110 minimum. So it was awkward to say the least plus he could never say why he was interested in me sexually you know.

Anyhow, during the time, I was talking to other guys running into the same problems as before. I mentioned one guy I spent a whole day trying to be really super friendly with, finding commonalities, and even after all of that he said he didn't want to meet up with me. Another guy was a troll and stood me up. Another when we were setting up a time and place to meet he says you're a girl right. I had to cut it off right then and there. He still keeps trying to say hi randomly hoping I forgot what he said. It's sad but in real life all I get are several guys trying to hit on me to get my number. Even women will stop and tell me I should model but it's always guys my race and I've never been attracted to my own race. I'm usually attracted to brown guys on the dating website. I get a lot of people who message me but I only message guys I like it always seems those guys are always way above me I guess in attractiveness. Facially and physically I'm a lot better looking because I'm slim with huge boobs but no one sees that in my photos so I get ignored. I get white guys message me the least on there but a good amount of brown and black guys.

I figure if I'm attracted to them enough I should just take the insults if they're still willing I guess? It's just generally in many cases I feel it's not really worth it. But what I really don't get is what am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to act standoffish and like I want nothing to do with them or what? It's a dating site. I thought showing interest was the name of the game if someone doesn't respond I leave them alone. I have heard some guys expect to do the seeking if I wait for that I never get anyone I actually like. So basically why do guys I like hate me? Why do guys I like like me? What should I do? What can I do to get guys to like me more that I like?

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Posted: 2018-11-07 22:35:03

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Comment/reply from: Tj, United States,
Posted: 2019-02-22 08:56:09

Don't change. Be yourself. Anyone can act different from who they are most of the time get what or who they want. Eventually the real them or you will come out. Myself I would be very angry if I were to find out the the person I met wasn't who she seemed to be. I and I suspect most good men have a respect for women who tell it like they feel or see it. I hate being conned. Honesty and confidence is what I always look for. Be yourself anyone who wont except that? You don't need.

Comment/reply from: Marcus1773, United Kingdom, Wick
Posted: 2019-11-25 01:47:02

Yeah I agree with Tj and there ain't a lot of woman who like guys like me with big bellies.

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