Why are guys obsessed with their genitalia?

Guys, I'm seriously concerned at why I should even feel the need to ask this question but what is it with your genitalia obsessions? Do you honestly think girls want to see your privates? How on earth do you think you’re even going to get a date by doing that? I feel sorry for some guys who do this as they are genuinely nice people and I’ve been chatting to a few on here but I have to draw the line when they are asking to send me pictures of their ****s. Listen to me, and listen to me carefully lads, girls DO NOT want to see pictures of your manhood no matter how big or small it is.

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Posted by member: Sexysarah
From: United Kingdom, Padstowe
Posted: 2012-11-07 20:22:37

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Comment/reply from: jkills, United Kingdom, Luton
Posted: 2012-11-07 20:27:38

Haha Sarah, you beat me to it! I bet you've been harassed by the same bloke! Yeah, I agree. What is it with some men? Men - WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THAT TOOL OF YOURS YOU THINK CAN DO GOOD! Thank you!

Comment/reply from: SexyHunter, United States, Grafton
Posted: 2013-01-15 21:02:16

Guys like the reaction and/or your opinions on their 'tools-of-the-trade' If that is where their conversation is leading and you are not interested then it tells that guy that you are not interested in sex or at least not any time soon. This is a good way to tell if a guy is interested in you as a person or just you in your birthday suit.

To other guys, they are more apt to associate love with sex quicker than girls are. To them, they would consider their time in front of the computer more intimate than out in public and where intimate situations occur, so do intimate actions. Thus the pics of shlong. Keep in mind that in a guys mind, seeing their desirable sex naked is a turn on for them and is assumable it is for a girl too. Finally, the negative reaction is negated almost entirely. They don't have to worry about you kicking them out the house or throwing stuff at them, or shouting to their face that they are a pervert. They're safe at home making the choice to show their rod easier and if one says 'eww', then they move on to the next girl one click away.

Controversially, some gals are interested in seeing male genitalia but this could simply be for personal pleasure or for simple acts of control. If it impresses the girl though, in a guys mind it's an achievement and achievement leads to satisfaction, with or without sex.

I hope this answers some questions.

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