Why did she switch up?

Me and this chick I met last January have been texting on and off since we last saw each other last March. I'll always try to link with her and she'll take a couple of days to respond or something and I'll get kind of angry and pushy and I noticed she'll never reply. But I could go months without texting her and when I do she would always respond quickly and then she'll eventually become cold. She'll only respond quickly when I have ghosted her after she's gone cold on me.

This time around, I texted her after months like I always do and she responded quickly again. But this time I didn't try to get her to go out of town like I always do. I had a lot of Vape Pens I was trying to sell and hit her up and told her if she wanted one to hit me up. She texted right back and said " Mhm you know I don't smoke those like that, and I want to go out of town". That through me off, so I asked her when and she says "soon". Three days after I texted her she texts right back, "Monday, not Wednesday". Wednesday comes and guess what? I hear nothing from her, so I don't react and wait a week to hit her up. I text her, "When you going to fall in line" and she texts right back "We can take a trip tomorrow". Then she texts back an hour later and says "You want to go tonight?". I told her to hit me up when she headed my way - I'm on the south side of town. I really didn't expect to hear from her. I fell asleep and woke around 4am. I saw see she called me at 11:30pm and left a text saying "wyd". I texted her back but no response. I texted her and told her quit playing and let me know something. No response. I called her, she didn't answer. I told her if she doesn't text back I'm pulling up, no response. The next morning I texted her "Yo", again no response. So I let a week pass by without texting her.

Side note: It's been a year since we have seen each other.

I texted her around 10 am after a week and say "Pack some clothes, I'm pulling up today. We're going out of town". She wasn't replying back in a timely manner (being the fact I have a block of texts she didn't reply to from last week). I didn't know if she was going to reply or not so I decided to pull up to her crib. Fast forward... I'm 5 mins away from her crib and she finally texts back, "where are we going". In my mind I'm like "damn" (I thought she was going to reply back) so I just say f*ck it I'm over here now. I texted her and told her I'm going to pull up in a min.

5 min later I'm in front of her crib, I text her and tell her to come outside. She never replies (she probably didn't know I was going to pull up). I honestly think she was just going to let me sit there. So I got out the car and knocked on the door. She opens it within minutes and looks at me then her vibe changed quick and shes looking at me with a horrible look, disgusted look, looking me up and down in a defensive way. That instantly killed my confidence a little! On the spot no lie. Her whole vibe was "defensive", looking around as if she didn't know what I was up to. I told her to come out here and she said "What's up? (What you want)" - it's like she had her defences up, which pi*sed me off on the inside because we were just texting about what we were trying to do. She's looking at me with a lot of disdain and contempt so I say "What you busy? I need to come back?". She says with an attitude "Yes when I text you" (I knew then I shouldn't have pulled up the way I did) and at the same time she's looking me up and down in an unattractive/disgusting way.

Her whole vibe was indifferent and it was like I'm a stranger. I asked her how long that was going to take and she never said anything. She was totally ignoring me like I wasn't even there, as if I looked pathetic. She wasn't doing it in a rude way, more in a nice way - cordial way - as if she was trying to escape the awkwardness. As I'm talking to her, she was picking her up her kid so I told her I'll wait for her hit me up and if she don't then f*ck it. She said "Okay" as if she didn't really care, and she already had her hand on the door before I was done talking. I'm walking off and I can see her out the corner of my eyes standing in the door looking me up and down as if she didn't know who TF I was lol. Imagine a stranger knocking on your door - that's how the whole vibe was. It took all of that for me to realize that the last time we saw each other was last March so it's been a year. She even gained a little weight. I should have called her and texted her a bit more before jumping the gun.

I remember months ago when she didn't text back and I told her I was going to pull up and she texted me back saying "See we not about to do this, you have to do better".

What was her problem? Why did she switch up?

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Posted: 2020-03-05 08:49:12

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