What Do Women Want From Men?

The answer to this question has not yet been found. What a difficult question. There are answers to the most difficult questions in science, mathematics, and science, but what women want and wisdom is still a subject of research. Books are written about this question, movies are shot, it is the subject of discussion, but unfortunately, there is no answer.

Actually, we need to change this question. If you ask why, What Women Want is a general question. What do women want from whom and what? Is it from life? Is it from men? Family Life? Is it fashion? these questions go on and on. Each lady may have different desires in these different matters, it is a matter of taste and color. I would like to address the question of What Women Want From Men.

Ladies! Have you ever thought why do you think women cannot find the answer to the question of What Do Women Want From Men?

The emotional relationship between man and woman has been questioned since Adam and Eve. "What women want?" The question is the subject of friendly conversations, discussion programs, and even scientific research. Well, do men or women play a role in the lack of a clear answer to this question? According to scientific research; First of all, hormones are effective in making a woman happy by a man.

In general, we can say that while men attach more importance to beauty, women pay more attention to social status and financial opportunities. Of course, this will vary. Some studies show that women attach importance to two issues when choosing their partners; The first is whether the relationship will be long-term, and the second is whether the man wants to have children from his partner.

What do women really want ?

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Posted: 2021-04-24 19:37:55

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Comment/reply from: Miles77p, Canada, Vancouver
Posted: 2024-04-28 07:18:01

Hi my name is Miles from Vancouver Canada many ladies tell me I'm very good looking but women never seem to look at me why is this?

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