How to bring out the freak in your girl

So I have had some girls in my day who have totally shocked me with what they want to do. Now I have a semi-steady girl who only gets freaky when she's totally messed up. She's expressed to me that she wants the ability to do it when she's sober too but dosnt have the confidence. She's a beautiful girl and I tell her that all the time, but growing up she was the only girl in a house of 6 brothers who put her down....mean bros u kno how it is. So how do I help her build her confidence up without seeming 2 pushy or without making her feel like I only like the sex when she's drunk and gets freaky?

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Posted by member: lethaldose50
From: United States, Dundalk
Posted: 2016-06-13 09:22:08

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Comment/reply from: tyragiana, United States, Greensboro
Posted: 2016-09-07 08:04:47

Honestly your girlfriend is going to have to see the beauty within herself first before anyone else can tell her. She has to learn to let go of those past insecurities in order to realize her true beauty. If you always tell her that she is beautiful, you have been doing your part. I have experienced these feelings before myself because I am a thicker female and I was insecure and didn't feel beautiful. What I did was constantly tell myself every day when I woke in the morning that I was beautiful and over time I started believing it. I started getting more and more dates and I finally met a guy I really care about and who cares about me. I hope it works out for you two. Good luck!

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